Friday 14 June 2024

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

Samsung has been leading the smartphone industry for past many years creating most efficient devices. Keeping up the technological trends of the company, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a power-packed phablet with all the worth-buying functionalities and features. The elegant design of the phone is worth flaunting in public with add-ons of robust build and beautiful big screen. Note 4 have gained a distinguished popularity among the latest launches due to its impressive battery life, solid camera, and seamless multitasking. Interested in buying one? Check out Flipkart coupons and Snapdeal coupons, and you may be lucky to get some discount.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

Note 4 Design and Screen

The edges are framed with robust and luxurious aluminum completed with a shiny touch. Overall, Note 4 is a handsome set, topped up with Gorilla Glass 4 providing scratch and shatter resistance. The big phone is loaded with a removable 3,220mAh battery along with a microSD slot that is capable of accepting memory cards up to 128 GB. Though, the screen is big, but the phone is by far the most comfortable large phone that one can buy right now. However, not everyone will feel comfy with the fit and size of this large handset.

The AMOLED display of Note 4 is vibrant and has higher resolution in comparison to Note 3. The display has simply everything to like about. From color accuracy to picture sharpness, the quality of screen display is remarkably excellent.

Note 4 Performance and Battery time

Smartphones with high resolution display usually lack long battery life and users have to compensate with it by reducing the screen brightness. However, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has turned out to be a winner in terms of excellent battery life as compared to its peer smart phones in the market today. With the screen on, the battery life takes a little topple, but on average Note 4 should last 24 hours with careful usage. However, in unusual scenarios where you want to save battery life, you can easily switch to Samsung’s Ultra Battery Saving mode, which turns the screen black and white, and shuts down the non essential services running on the phone.

There is a good news for Samsung smartphone lovers, as Galaxy Note 4 comes with a remarkable performance. The device is equipped with the latest Qualcomm chip – the 2.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 805 – along with 3GB of RAM, which is a perfect combo to ensure smooth and fast performance in all aspects.

Note 4 Camera and Other Features

This cool gadget comes with a smart camera having a 16-megapixel sensor, optical image stabilization and phase-detect autofocus. The results are simply awesome in every light condition with sharp focus. The camera settings are painless to change and the auto mode settings are excellent enough in dealing with backlit scenes and dark scenes. Video quality is superb with excellent judgment of exposure and frame rates with options to shoot at 4K, 2K and 1080p resolutions. The audio quality of Note 4 is also top-notch with efficient built-in speakers.

One of the most attractive features of Note 4 is the pressure-sensitive stylus tucked away in a slot in the bottom right-hand corner. With the smart S Pen, you can produce sketches, write notes in handwriting and enter text via handwriting recognition.

Price & Verdict

The phone is big on price, as the 32GB Note 4 model is available for £600 SIM-free along with a minimum £35 per month for a free phone contract.

Overall; the camera, power-packed audio, gorgeous design, powerful performance and excellent battery life make the Note 4 for an outstanding smartphone.