Friday 10 March 2023

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 – A Preview of Its Notable Features!

In today’s scenario, the phone is not simply meant for talking, instead it fulfills many other functions. Galaxy Note series is a good example to show this. Besides severing many other purposes, it also serves as a tablet by enabling the users to write; hence, it is also popularly known as a phablet.

The upcoming model of the Note series, Galaxy Note 6, seems to satisfy the users with many alluring features. Hence, everybody is expecting much more from it. We can see the curiosity is you too, thus have attempted to present the most likely picture of much awaited model of the Note series. So let’s see the preview of the captivating, Galaxy Note 6:

Time of launch:

Be ready to welcome this rocking Smartphone in August 2016.


Don’t be surprised, as we also know that the company never lets the prices disclose before the launch of the products. Well, our expert panel has carefully studied the trend of raise in the price. According to them it is going to be approximately $1200 USD/ 1063 Euro/ 767 GBP.

Screen size and resolution:

Be ready to see a fabulous screen of 6” – 6.2” in Galaxy Note 6, which might have 3D-4K resolution. You can also expect to see folded displayin it.


You would be probably impressed by its 8GB RAM.


A camera is a must in today’s Smartphone. The Galaxy Note 6 would surprise its users with 30Mp front camera and 6Mp back camera. Be ready to capture awesome pictures with the help of its attractive features such as auto focus and advanced optical image stablisation.


The processor is likely to be of superior quality. A 16-core processor ofSamsungExynosprocessor is most probable.

You may also find2.9 GHz Snapdragon Qualcomm,octa-core processor.


The chances are to find instant charging in Galaxy Note 6. You may be able to attain 40% charging in four minutes.

Internal storage:

You may get internal storage options of (16/32/64/128/256) GB.


Be ready to find amazing 4500 mAhbattery in it.


The chances are to get a colour choice between black and white shades.


Some of thespeciafications likely to be in it are:

  1. Sensors Barometer
  2. Fingerprint Or Retina Scanner
  3. Bendable Or Foldable Display
  4. Compass
  5. Heart Rate
  6. Shockproof
  7. Dust Proof
  8. Spo2
  9. Thermometer

Operating System:

The Android Operating Systemcan be there in Galaxy Note 6.

Video Recording:

Video recording options are likely to be2160p @ 30 fps, 1080p @ 60 fps, and 720p @ 90 fps.

Hope you are able to get a preview of Galaxy Note 6. The real picture would come in front of you once it is released in the market. So be ready to see magical features in this upcoming handset.

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