Friday 19 July 2024

SharePoint and Cloud Desktops Benefit Every Business

Apps4Rent is committed towards making the life of business managers easy and enjoyable. Thus, it works in consonance with cloud technology experts to roll out various cloud software that has optimal features suitable for all kinds of businesses. A business has accounting, Sales, CRM and research as its core components and managing each of these fronts is what a business day comprises of. SharePoint Online by Apps4Rent has various features of great utility that make managing any business an enjoyable affair.

SharePoint for Project Management

Various projects are run seamlessly using SharePoint that has features conducive to efficient team management. You can take daily updates and organize meetings even on your mobile gadgets with SharePoint that makes project management quite easy. Inventory management, task management and performance management features are best suited for project management businesses that need constant coordination among the team members.

Cloud Desktops for e-commerce

E-commerce portals need managers to have infrastructure that is accessible on virtual environments too. Sales, CRM and accounting management is crucial and there is need to make the website run on limited bandwidths too. All these requirements can be best fulfilled with cloud virtual desktops that support e-commerce functions and provide dedicated resource pool through cloud based platforms. is the right place for availing e-commerce support that has hosting plans suitable for the websites of all sizes.

Cloud Software Tools for e-learning

E-learning is a growing rage in the education industry. Online tutor services, writing help etc. need strong collaborative tools to deliver high quality services to the users. Cloud software tools provided by have remarkable features like free RAM, custom apps, custom installation utilities that enable the tutors to work in a coordinated fashion and deliver results to the students or tutors well on time. Document sharing is the prime requirement of e-learning business and this is possible to do with virtual desktops.

Make businesses cost-efficient with cloud software tools

Business of any kind requires earning high margins for better sustenance. Hosted Virtual Desktop offered by Apps4Rent is available through plans at various prices. If you need to install the core features of an office and prefer to work anywhere on gadgets, then cloud software tools prove to be a thing of proven utility. These desktops are easily accessible on all sorts of devices and have remarkable feature of synchronization allowing the user to have updated information at any point of time, at any place of choice.

So, reduce the infrastructure costs to as low as $ 24 approx. per month and have a plethora of applications up into your sleeve.

Make businesses technologically updated with cloud desktops

Apps4Rent has support of Microsoft data-centers that means you will have access to the most technologically advanced resources for managing business processes. You can rely upon the expertise of data center management of Microsoft that brings to you most efficient clouds that complete your business processes quite fast as well as completely.

Never feel alone with cloud software around

You can delegate work and become part of team quite easily with could software tools like SharePoint. Moreover, the experts at are also round the clock to bail you out of any unexpected situation without interrupting the processes. When you need any kind of support in terms of plans management, resource management or resource allocation, you can call for help at Apps4Rent and all your queries get resolved in the least possible time.

Moreover, all the resources provided are checked and maintained on a regular basis. Most of them are set on auto-upgradation mode so that the user never loses on the quality or reliability of the resources and this can be seen in the quality of websites which have more than 99% uptime.

Unwavering business support – this is what comes with guarantee to you when you subscribe to any of the hosting plans provided by Apps4Rent that have best facilities suitable for any kind of business.