Saturday 17 April 2021

Software and Safekeeping: How to Use Technology to Protect Your Business

Software and Safekeeping: How to Use Technology to Protect Your Business

Running a business is far more complex today than it was in days gone by. Today, you have to deal with threats you may not be able to see, like hackers and cyber criminals. You also have to contend with tech savvy competitors as well as a public that is more fickle than ever before thanks to fast moving digital trends. To stave off these threats, you need to implement technology to protect your business. Below are just a few strategies you should consider implementing.

Software and Safekeeping: How to Use Technology to Protect Your Business

Cloud Backup

These days, one of the biggest resources a company has is its data. This includes data regarding sales, customer interactions, marketing, research and development and much more. Although it’s hard to quantify the value of such data, for many companies, it’s easily worth millions of dollars. However, data stored on local hardware can be wiped out by something as simple as a lighting strike. This is why routine data backups to the cloud are so important in today’s business world.

Cyber Security

Simply backing up your data is not enough. You also need to protect that data and safeguard it from theft by hackers and other bad actors. Data regarding your clients or customers could be used to defraud them of thousands of dollars. Important company data like trade secrets could also be stolen. To prevent these potentially catastrophic issues, you need active security monitoring and cyber security measures like encryption in place to prevent unauthorized parties from ever accessing your data.


Technology can be extremely complex. Beyond enacting strong cyber security, you also need to ensure that your systems are working as efficiently as possible so you get the most out of them. If this isn’t your area of expertise, from time to time you should employ the services of an IT consultant. They can help you patch security vulnerabilities. The consultant can also help you upgrade your networks, software and hardware so that they all work better together for your employees and customers.

Big Data Analytics

You should also put your data to work for your company in a way that can produce tangible benefits. One way to do this is thorough the use of big data analytics software. This software can parse and analyze your data to give you strong insights into how your company has performed in the past, how it is performing now and how it is likely to perform in the future. The projections that are produced can allow you to adjust in ways that can greatly increase your bottom line.

Overall, running a business in the modern era requires managing data, software and computer networks. Make sure to implement technology in a way that protects your company. If you don’t, the damage done could even put you out of business.

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