Tuesday 25 June 2024

Some Common Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Resume

In today’s competitive job market, it is important that you have a professional resume carrying right information. Resume will create your first impression on employer’s mind. On the basis of resume, he/she will decide whether you are worth interviewing or not. There are some common mistakes that most of the applicants commit. This guide will brief you about such mistakes, so that you don’t lose a prospective job.

How To Avoid Common Resume Mistakes?

  • Match Skills With Job Requirements

Every employer wants to know whether your skill set goes in line with job requirement or not. It is important that you highlight those skills which are relevant for specified job role. Mentioning irrelevant skills won’t give weightage to your resume.

You can also add sections like profile and qualifications summary at top of your resume to grab the attention of the employers. For quick help while creating your resume, you can visit websites like Quickwriter.com – order resume.

  • ‌Adding Accomplishments

Your resume should always include your key accomplishments that make you the perfect candidate for the vacant position. Adding accomplishments instead of basic job functions help you to stand out from other candidates.

However, while adding such details, proper representation is also necessary. For instance, you can put accomplishments in a separate section having heading as “accomplishment”. While doing so, don’t forget to tailor accomplishments as per the requirements of the job.

  • ‌Proper Order Of Information

It is important to present the information in a particular order. The flow of information in a resume may vary as per the job you’re applying for. For instance, new graduates list their education first while job seekers with good experience in job market list their experience in the beginning. After attaining a degree in MBA or training, they switch back to the education and list that first. Avoid common mistakes in your CV with individual resume writing services on Business.Thepensters.

Make sure that you list the information in a way that it looks interesting to the reader. The most preferred order is: position, employer’s name, state of employer, employment date. Some job seekers mention date first. However, date is not as much as important as your position and your previous employer. Generally, the most recent experience and education are important in a resume.

  • ‌Highlight Job Relevant Skills

An employer is going to shortlist your resume only if your skills are relevant for the mentioned job. In case you have some special skills or qualifications relating to job, highlight them. You can add those skills in profile or summary section of your resume. For instance, if you have good technical skills, then you can mention them in a separate column like ‘systems proficiency’ on the first page of your resume. It will help in grabbing attention of the potential employer.


It’s important that you have an electronic version of your resume. This will make it easier to send it easily, using emails and other internet options. Follow these simple and effective tips to secure your dream job. If you do not have time to make your own resume, make sure you hire professionals to do it for you.