Friday 19 July 2024

Some Simple And Interesting Tips To Help You Improve Your IELTS English Listening Module Score

Are you preparing for the IELTS English exam? Did you join any coaching center or online training? Then your teacher or trainer must have adviced you to watch news everyday to improve your listening and speaking scores in the test? Most of you would answer yes to this question. If you are trying to do that, then here is how to improve the Edmonton IELTS Results in listening.

Some Simple And Interesting Tips To Help You Improve Your IELTS English Listening Module Score

  • You should first record the news bulletin of the day. You can choose any new bulletin whether from the radio or television. The television one would be the right choice because you will be able to see the video also and analyze things about it. You can go for channels like CNBC, CNN or BBC, which are a few best news channels.
  • Out of the entire bulletin, you should now choose one portion of it, it can be anything like the sports, hobby, politics or any other portion. Choosing something of your choice would benefits you because you would be more interested in doing this activity.
  • Now, start listening to it line by line and try to understand it. You can make a note of the words that seem to be tough for you or those which you are listening for the first time. Make note of them in a book which is useful for you and not on any paper which you will misplace. Now read the same sentences again with the meanings that you understood.
  • Now you should be writing it again with the exact meanings that you understand or something that is easy for you to understand. This can be done by yourself like you can write it yourself or you can type it.
  • Keep listening to the same recording again and again, until you get familiar with what exactly it is. You should be able to understand the words this time as they were really tough for you for the first time. Now that you have the meanings of the words, you should be able to understand it well.
  • Edmonton IELTS Test is not simple to crack so you need to do it again and again. Now read the news aloud that you have written. You should record your version this time. You should be able to read it with ease and check the recorded version regarding the pronounciation part.
  • Now the last step would be to speak on what you have listened till now. You should not wait for someone to come to you and start the discussion. You should be able to do it yourself, but make sure you are doing it with confidence.

These simple steps can be really helpful and you should be trying it today and you will surely love this way of learning.