Monday 15 April 2024

Stay Warm & Look Good: Packing For Winter Travel

Whether you’re headed to the slopes or backpacking throughout Europe, it is essential that you look your very best, especially if a picture on Instagram is involved. However, it can often be tricky packing for a winter adventure due to the numerous layers involved. Jackets, women’s sweatshirts, men’s sweatshirts, vests, and shoes can all be incredibly bulky and hard to pack. When it comes to traveling this winter, you really need to pack the chic and bare necessities.

If you want to learn how to stay warm, chic, and comfortable while traveling this winter, read on for some great tips and tricks.


It is essential to have the proper footwear when traveling, but depending on your destination, what’s considered appropriate footwear may change. Going skiing may necessitate a number of heavy duty shoes, while escaping to a tropical climate for the winter only requires light sandals and tennis shoes.

If you do want to repack your suitcase with tons of gifts and souvenirs, you definitely have to cut down on the footwear. Choose only the most basic items that you absolutely need for your trip.

Sweater Weather

While basics are well and good during the winter, you also need to be prepared for sweater weather. Luckily, mixing and matching sweaters with your other travel basics is easy if you keep everything in the same theme. Whether you choose your outfits based on color or on fabric, keep your whole outfit in mind when considering which sweaters to bring with you.

You don’t need to carry a different sweater for every day of the week. Instead, wear one of the sweaters you wish to bring with you (maybe two if they’re both thin), and pack one more in your suitcase. It may be a good idea to choose one lightweight sweater and one heavy knit to ensure you can layer them if it gets too cold.

Bottoms Up

From yoga pants and sweatpants to jeans and skirts, it can definitely be a challenge to choose the right bottoms for your trip. Once you’ve figured out what the weather will be like, take a look at the tops you’ve chosen and pair your bottoms appropriately. If all your tops are tunics and oversized sweaters, you can get away with leggings and a pair of jeans. If all your tops are classy blouses and nude cardigans, you may need to sacrifice comfort with skirts and stockings or slacks.

When packing bottoms, don’t forget to think about your shoes. Packing boot cut jeans with knee high boots or tennis shoes and cute skirts makes creating a matching outfit hard and won’t work in your favor.


Stay Warm & Look Good: Packing For Winter Travel

When traveling, it’s best to bring one shirt for everyday you will be gone, plus two additional shirts. However for winter traveling you should be mindful of layering, and bring t-shirts and 3/4th shirts that can easily be worn with hoodies or sweaters. You should steer away from long sleeve shirts that might become restrictive and cause you to overheat from changes in climate.

Color Coordinating

A great way to ensure that you always have a cute outfit on hand while you are traveling is to bring clothes that all match each other. When you can easily mix and match your clothing—no matter what item you grab—you never have to worry about planning an outfit for each day. Just make sure you grab enough basics to make it through your trip.


It is important when traveling to create a ratio for your clothing. For every five shirts, you should carry only one pair of pants. With this tip, you can cut down on suitcase size and laundry as you travel for the winter. For men, two or three simple tees, two long sleeve raglans, a men’s sweatshirts, and two pairs of pants is enough to make it through two weeks. For women, you may want to grab five tees, two tank tops, a blazer, a cardigan, a jacket, and three bottoms for a two week trip.

Try to only bring one jacket on your trip and one pair of shoes—preferably boots. You can even wear, or carry, your heaviest items, so you don’t have to pack them in a suitcase. If you must bring two pairs of shoes, wear the heavier one on the plane ride and save space in your bag.

An even easier trick to packing light is to keep your winter accessories, like scarves, hats, and gloves, in your pocket while traveling, so you won’t clog up your suitcase with unnecessary items.

Travel Time!

Wintertime traveling can be incredibly challenging, but by keeping in mind your clothing ratios, color coordination, and essential items, it’s easy to look good and be prepared. Try these tips this winter for easier travel and great ensembles.