Sunday 16 June 2024

Stolen Lives Resulting In Complex Lives For Adolescents

Stolen Lives Resulting In Complex Lives For Adolescents

The “identity theft” in the network and transmission of child pornography, digital scams, harassment and harassment is one of the trends exponentially growing cybercrime against legal helplessness.

This is the iceberg of what’s coming

Technology and computer attacks evolve, strengthened on technological applications and then attack the human factor, which is the weakest, and the most are striking. Today, it is increasingly difficult to discern when a “profile” of Facebook is real or invented. And when it is stolen, or replica, a “profile” from which it defames or harasses, the chances of “lifting” of the network are scarce or take too long. In addition, identity theft, if the damage is not malicious, it is a violation, but no criminal scope.

Facebook does not have legal representation in many countries. For that address, a claim must be waged an international urge, via court, with the intervention of the Foreign Ministry, and then the US courts decide whether or not infringed or US laws, so as to justify ordering a Facebook must down a false profile. The process can take more than six months. Twitter has the same legal obstacles, and even the company establishes requirements sent to you by fax (yes, by fax) for complaints.

However, in cases of child pornography or abducted children, both social networks have a sort of “alert button” to the security forces, with which they can ask for the receipt of information and forward, via Interpol, the severity of case to act fast and to detect the user’s identity. But in cases of digital fraud, sexual harassment or threats are exempt from speedy procedures. “Grooming” begins with a hoax, a false identity, an adult user of the network that is passed by someone with the possible ultimate goal of abusing a minor. After all, now everyone is going to get insurance for identity theft or search for cheap lifelock code to safeguards themselves.

There is even a program through a web camera that transmits an image in which a minor salutes and smiles, and their use allows greater credibility to his false identity. The approach is through something in common, sports, educational institution, and thus the pedophile is concentrating potential victims, grouped by age, then produce the sexual attack, video camera or physical contact. In this work digital zoom, the pedophile has no legal impediments. While online games like “Call of Duty” have very limited interaction margins, also used as a contact point lower, then invite them to interact with a social network and from there consummating the “grooming”.

The relationship between the user and the network was transformed over time. Until a few years ago, users used to surf the internet to watch content from your home computer. Then we went to the parlor, then the internet cafe, with your laptop. Then we began to move without fixed connection with wi-fi. And then created our own content, publishes photos and videos on the net, telling the tales of our life. The social exchange with acquaintances and strangers is dizzying. The possibility of producing offenses grew at the same rate. And here comes the loopholes giving opportunities to these imposters and frauds.