Friday 19 April 2024

Summer Style Guide For 2021

Summer Style Guide For 2021

Summer and fashion for men don’t always mix well. Winter on the other hand is much easier, whether that is layering up with different textures or even the casual full tracksuit for those easier days. When it comes to summer it is harder to style, especially if you just want to feel cool and aired out whilst looking your best. There is a common misconception that summer styles need to be shirts and shorts to look good, but the truth is that there are some great styles out there to try. With trends now focusing on the younger generations, it is clear to observe that when we get older, we don’t need to follow every trend to come out, in fact, if you did, you wouldn’t have your own look and you would probably look ridiculous. The key to having your own sense of style lies in the ability to be able to differentiate fast fashion fads and classic looks that are timeless. In this article, we can go through some trends which could be the next classic trends.


The ’70s were known to have some extraordinary wardrobe mishaps with leg warmers and fluorescent colour schemes. They also had some classic looks that people are still opting in for in 2021. Florals are just one of those trends that will keep coming back every couple of years just to show its face and remind people that it is still there. Many huge brands are now focusing on floral prints this year with the likes of Tom Ford and Burberry Placing this on all types of garments, whether that be shorts and shirts. The trick is when wearing florals, it’s best to go for more organic materials, this isn’t just because it’s another huge trend now, but they are much more breathable than synthetic materials so it will keep you cool, rather than make you sweat.

Bermuda Shorts

Short shorts have been on the decline in recent years. Unless you are going on holiday and the weather allows a vest and short shorts to be worn then that is fine. But other than that, they are out the window. More and more designers are now opting for wider and longer fit shorts with the likes of Gucci moving towards more Bermuda style shorts. The trick to pulling these off is the length and tailoring. Aim to have the shorts just a couple of inches above your kneecap, anything under the kneecap is three quarters and they are never going to get back into fashion. Another tip that should be followed in all clothing garments is when you can, get them tailored to your body, this makes such a huge difference to a wardrobe. You could have something you haven’t worn in years and then you get it tailored to fit you better and it will give another burst of life.

Relaxed Tailoring

With the warmer months coming through, the need for thick formal fitted suits is slacking and to be replaced with less tailored suits. The more boxy breezy look is definitely an acquired look but if done right, it looks fantastic. If you are thinking about having a try on the more boxy suit, then you should definitely go and speak to a tailor as they can advise moving forward and get you the best fit for your body.

Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes are a win-win for the body and they are a great way to look sharp this summer. Firstly, it looks really smart with a nice single colour pair of tailored pants. Also, the vertical stripes make you look taller and slimmer. If this isn’t something to be excited about, I don’t know what is! The best way to go about purchasing the stripes is to opt for a few different widths of stripes and see which ones suit your body best.  If this isn’t something that suits you, you could always go for striped shorts with a plain premium polo shirt and this will make a nice addition to the summer wardrobe.


Nautical attire has been in the style for many years, its summary, classic and stylish if done right. No, that doesn’t mean get in your bright yellow raincoat, it does mean boat shoes, cropped pants, navy horizontal stripes, you get the idea. It’s not a great idea to go top to bottom in nautical but maybe one or two pieces to get the look will be enough for people to know what you are trying to achieve without pushing it down people’s throats. The great thing about going nautical is that they are usually light in colours so the heat won’t be attracted to you.  

Warm Weather Layering

This doesn’t sound like a great idea but when you live somewhere like the UK, it is a rarity that the summer months just bring sun without the rain. Well, this doesn’t mean you can’t dress summery even in the rain. Swap out heavy outerwear for more lightweight jackets, overshirts over a plain tee or even a polo under a thin knit. All these are great ways in improving your summer look without having to be cold or feel dressed down on those cooler evenings. 

Banished Bare Ankles

Bare ankles are now a thing of the past, if you still have them showing constantly, put a sock on it! Only do this in the summer months when you have a pair of shorts etc, then the shorter the sock the better. If you are wanting to get your ankles out, then the best place to do this is when you are abroad or wearing summer attire altogether. 

There are many new looks coming into fashion but as we said at the start, it doesn’t mean you have to follow them all. You do you at the end of the day. Be unique, dress how you feel but also add a few new trends to the mix and you will have a new breath of life in your wardrobe.