Sunday 30 May 2021


Depression is difficult. It is difficult to comprehend; it is difficult to explain, it is to difficult to be even recognized as a disease in most of the world. Some of us are privileged enough to have people around us who understand what being depressed feels like. It is a mental health disorder which needs proper medication and cares for the healing of body and mind.

The way depression breaks your body, soul and relationship is brutal. The patient loses touch with everybody including himself/herself. Thus it is essential to take care of yourself if you have depression.

Take Your Medicines

It is a blessing that you could get medical help. Do not abuse your privilege and take those medicines regularly, on time. You will get better only if you try. So try!


Be Consistent With Therapy Sessions

Therapies are a must for a depression patient. You cannot let those familiar sounds ringing in your brain and years to bring you down. You need to let everything out in order to have a fresh start. The therapy session is the place where you can blurt about your doubts.


Get Enough Sleep

You tend to overlook your body when you are suffering from depression. Do not do that anymore. Take care of yourself. Take enough sleep. Even if your sleep pattern is disturbed, try to create peaceful ambiance an hour before sleep time and lie in bed. Follow your sleep routine for increasing calmness.

Work Out

You must indulge in some exercise regularly. It makes your body healthier. And depression doesn’t want to stay in a healthy body anyway. So pick up any form of exercise that you find exciting and set out for it. You can switch your game very often to keep the excitement alive.

Go Out Often

You need some experiences and fresh ideas on life and world to cut the depression in your brain. You tend to settle in your loneliness. To cut it down, you must go out often. Maybe just for groceries or evening walk.

Eat Well

When you are unwell, you are advised to eat healthy food. Similarly, in depression, you should cut down on fats and processed food. Eat fresh fruit, juices, and a home-cooked meal. Try to take a diet that is full of nutrition.

Avoid Anything That’s Negative

Whether it is people, situations or things, choose yourself. Keep yourself above everything and know that no matter what you should be your priority. Cut down on negative people. Anything that doesn’t make you feel good is definitely not worth it. In general, avoid anything that is not good for you.

Bring In Good Vibes

The place where you spend most time should make you feel happy. Keep your space clean and inviting. Do it for yourself. Let the sunlight come in. Bring in plants. Do activities that you love in your space. Make the area around you, your favorite.

Reach Out

And lastly, reach out to people. Whenever you feel that you are feeling low and not well, share it. You can talk to your family, friends or your spouse. There are some depression self-help programs that help you in a speedy recovery. Let people know that you need help; there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Depression is difficult, but when you share your journey with your loved ones, it becomes easier. Take care of yourself with these self-care tips so that you can take care of your family in future.

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