Friday 19 July 2024

Talent Show By The Absolute Entertainment In Gambia Brightens The Youth

As a feature of taking the nation’s amusement circle to larger amount, Absolute Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Haddy Faye, has gone an alternate above and beyond by carrying into The Gambia a brilliant, creative and diverting show that is out to help youngsters understand their probabilities.

Exhibition of Light and Sound

Talking in a meeting with Point Entertainment and Lifestyle on Monday at her office, Haddy Faye, CEO of Absolute Entertainment, said the occasion was effectively held in The Gambia, and Ptitbal and Senptit Galle as the name goes, are two real occasions in Senegal.

The predominant is an extraordinary exhibition of light and sound committed to kids and the second is a great actuality show to the finding of skilled youngster’s artists.

This minute of unprecedented accord, furnishes a chance for kids of all social classes to meet, trade and move to the music of our renowned worldwide artistes.

It is a direct result of the underlining profits of capacitating our youngsters that Absolute Entertainment, another and adolescent excitement organization, possessed byms Haddy Faye, a youthful element Gambian, is adapting towards all out diversion and advancement through the splendid investment of the gifted Awa from The Gambia who pushed Prince Arts to work together with Absolute Entertainment to come and thank Gambian individuals and powers by carrying the idea of pithball to The Gambia and, likewise, offers Gambian kids a life-changing show.


Occasion serves as gathering

Consistent with Absolute Entertainment dynamic CEO, the occasion serves as a gathering for “declaration toward oneself” for youngsters and additionally as a method of encouraging fellowship and heartfelt connections between The Gambia and Senegal.

P’titbal in The Gambia was facilitated live by youngsters incorporating victor of the First Edition Doudou, champ of the Second Edition SALIOU, and the two finalists in the not so distant future – MOUSTAPHA Mbegue and Awa of The Gambia.

The junior and beguiling woman says further that spicing up the occasion was exceptional side attractions and musical exhibitions by some of Gambia’s most noticeable artistes and in addition visitor artistes from Senegal, incorporating AIDA SAMBA with her gathering who entertained the kids and music beaus at the occasion.

Addressed on what roused her organization to get included in such a stupendous endeavour, Haddy said the affection of kids and the yearning to help definitively to the socio-financial advancement of our young ones moved her to be a piece of the occasion.

She included: “In understanding with our promise to help however much as could be expected in accordance with our social corporate obligation, an enormous rate of the returns from the entertainment will be given to help incapacitated kids in The Gambia.”