Sunday 23 June 2024

Tent Camping – Jaisalmer Offers All Of The Nature’s Delight!

Tent Camping - Jaisalmer Offers All Of The Nature's Delight!

When you think Jaisalmer, you think of spectacular forts, breathtaking landscapes and of course, unmatched royalty. An almost magical land where disappearing into the charm of the golden yellowness that surrounds you and losing track of time are inescapable. The desert sunsets so surreal, you’d think you’re looking at a postcard and sparkling sand for as far as you can see make you catch your breath every now and again. Now imagine experiencing all this in the midst of luxury and a homelike tent right in the middle of the desert. The Deluxe tent in Jaisalmer provides a home like feel to its guest. This is as real as it gets. From budget to luxurious camps, there’s something for every traveler hoping for an out-of-this-world experience while stargazing into the clean and unpolluted skies.

Budget Tents–There’s an array of Luxury Tent in Jaisalmer that offers accommodation with meals and a bundle of services like entertainment in the form of cultural programs and camel safaris. If you’re on a budget but still want to experience the thrill of camping in a desert, this option is great for you. After all, how many times in your life will you be able to say that you camped in a desert in the heart of Rajasthan?   

Mid-Budget Tents – There are various mid-budget campsites that cater to travelers willing to shell out a little more. In addition to folk dance and music, these camps often serve multi-cuisine food, a great selection of drinks and offer great service. They may even set up a DJ for you to dance the night away. Choose to explore the enormity of the Thar Desert on camel back and if that’s too slow for you, embark on a Jeep safari. On the whole, these tents promise an exceptional experience on a budget without compromising on service.

Luxury Tents – If a grand and lavish holiday is what you’re looking for, Camps in Jaisalmer offer almost everything one would find in a luxury hotel.Each tent is designed beautifully and has a spacious bathroom with a supply of hot and cold water, also a fan, AC, and a heater. From a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi to a spa, they make sure you can put your feet up and bask in the glory of extravagance. Pick a different cuisine every day from the beautifully planned menu and enjoy the choicest beverages from the in-house bars. The perfect blend of experiencing Rajasthani culture in its rawest form while being in the lap of luxury is what makes this a once in a lifetime experience.