Tuesday 23 April 2024

The Best Email Client For Your Android Phone

Most of us have multiple email accounts and most of us struggle when it comes to managing all of them on a regular basis. People who keep multiple accounts but use only one don’t have such issues, but on the other hand those of us who have separate email IDs for personal and business use always find it hard to manage them. The traditional way to manage multiple accounts is to either open each of them in a browser one by one or to use multiple email apps. But today we will tell you about an email client that will take away most of your problems. It’s called Mailwise and app scores over other apps claiming to provide similar functionality because of some key features:

  • Manage multiple accounts from a single App:

The one major problem that we have talked about in the above section is of the multiple email accounts. We all know how hectic it can get when you have to sign out and sign in again and again from one account to the other. But now, say goodbye to all such problems as this app supports multiple email accounts from one single interface. Doesn’t matter if you have an AOL account, a Gmail ID, a Hotmail account or an IAMP account, this app supports all the email services from one single interface.

  • Chosen as the best email client by Forbes:

Forbes has always stood by innovations that bring value to the products and satisfy the end customers. In its publication, Forbes has highly appreciated the functionality that this email client provides to its users.

  • Easy to use interface:

Some apps provide a high level of functionality but they suffer from unintuitive navigation. No matter how good an app is and irrespective of the functionality it provides, if it’s not easy to use then it will negate the functionality factor by the time spent in understanding it. This app from Mailwise has a highly intuitive and easy to use interface. The navigation is so easy that within minutes you will master all the tricks that will help in managing your email accounts.

  • Unique features:

There are a lot of unique features that make this app an outstanding one. One of the best features that you get with this app is that of the floating compose button. This feature allows you to compose a new email from anywhere within the app. Other unique features include VIP senders, support for widgets and custom contact notifications.