Thursday 20 June 2024

The Best Retro Things To Do In Melbourne

The Best Retro Things To Do In Melbourne

Life in the present can be somewhat of a rollercoaster. Most times you are glad for your smartphones, Wi-Fi, and numerous other technological comforts. But other moments, may cause you to think longingly about the good old’ days. Unfortunately, there is no flying DeLorean to take you back to simpler times. This does not mean that you have to leave the past in your rear-view mirror, however. There are plenty of things you can do in Melbourne that will momentarily take you back in time. Here are some fun, retro things that you can do in the city:

The Best Retro Things To Do In Melbourne

Dine at a Tuck-shop

You probably spent most of your days dreaming of when you would not have to be in school any longer. Being an adult can been somewhat of an eye-opener, however, and many people would gladly get back into uniform. Just because you cannot go back to school, it does not mean that you cannot get a little taste of your school experience. Misschu Tuckshops are decorated in such a way that you will be reminiscent of your lunchtime at school. Chalkboard menus and playful language all lend a hand at recreating these experiences. Of course the upside is that the food is much tastier than anything you ate at school.


Have you ever wanted to be a roller girl or a roller boy? Well, there is still time to live out your unfulfilled dream… well, sort of. Head down to Laverton Skate Centre and you can relive your glory days. Even if it was not something that you used to do, it is still a lot of fun. Simply strap on your skates and step into a different era. It will also provide you with the only outlet to truly try out your disco style. Even if you are a bit wobbly on your skates, or not sure how they work at all, you can get some lessons down at the centre. In addition to having a laugh, you will also be able to fit in a workout at the same time!

Luna Park

You have probably been down here a few times when you were younger. There is nothing quite like going to Luna Park if you are feeling particularly nostalgic. You can put away all of your adult worries and play at being a child, at least for a little while. Let the fun and excitement wash over you and reawaken sweet memories from long ago. You can also indulge in tons of childhood treats, such as fairy floss and hotdogs. Unlike before, you will be able to eat as much as you want!

Sometimes we all need a short walk down memory lane. It is fun to think of days gone past. It can even help us feel more positive about the future. Choose from this list the best way to turn back the clock.

Retro Star Vintage Clothing

The name says it all. This clothing store prides itself on being the largest vintage store in Australia. If you are missing the fashions of decades past, then this is the place to head to. There is an incredible amount of clothing at this particular store. If you are looking for something that can be found between the 1940s and the 1990s, you are sure to find it here. In addition to clothes, Retro star also contains a large selection of accessories and shoes. This is the perfect place to raid before heading to your roller skating date.