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The Best Way To Enjoy Queenstown

How Is Traveler’s Life Different from Ordinary Life?

It is a special trip if you are heading towards the adventure capital of the world, called Queenstown. If you are just in New Zealand looking for the perfect place to get your adrenaline pumping, we suggest you read this article and learn more about Queenstown, New Zealand.

A small town like Queenstown has a lot of things to offer. Activities that involve diving at 9,000 feet high, to paragliding while watching the best landmarks from up there

White Water Rafting :

The Best Way To Enjoy Queenstown

It’s impossible to hear less about White Water Rafting when we are talking about Queenstown. It’s basically what the locals would suggest first. Because of that, let’s discover why it is a big deal to experience this wet and wild activity.

Shotover River and Kawarau River, are probably two of the rivers that God has blessed a lot! Major travel agencies noticed the beauty of such rivers immediately, which is why there is no shortage of experiencing it. Aside from the trip down the river, it is hard to miss the natural wilderness of Landsborough Valley. Even if you are not interested in the rafting activity, you can still have a decent excuse to visit the area.

You also do not have to worry if you are an experienced rafter or not. These water rafting agencies already prepared packages for you ahead, just make sure you book them early to gain more benefits. For a hard-core rafting experience, visit Queenstown during the spring, as the rivers typically produce higher water levels at that time.

Bungee Jumping :

The Best Way To Enjoy Queenstown

If you think Skydiving is an experience you should save for the later part, how about trying bungee jumping instead? It is still jumping from a high place after all – with the possibility of going back up again, and down again, and again, and again (you know what we mean).

New Zealand’s highest Bungy jump (it’s how the Kiwis spell it) is 134m above the Nevis River. A lot of famous names and tourists have already taken the leap, and they keep on coming back for more. Once you get there, you will get a glimpse of what the actual jump will look like, when you take the cable car ride towards the top. Is it scary? Well, of course it is. But it is also VERY worth it! Just make sure that you and your companion do not have a medical risk.

If the Nevis Bungy Jump is too high for you, you can also visit the Kawarau Bridge Bungy. Its jumping height is at 43m, three times lower that Nevis.

Visiting Milford Sound :

The Best Way To Enjoy Queenstown

After the adrenaline rush, it is okay to find a peaceful spot. And with that, we introduce you the Milford Sound boating experience. Too much jumping and rafting might require a little relaxation. Book a reservation with us, and make sure you still have the energy to discover the picturesque wonders of Milford Sound.

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