Friday 14 June 2024

The Emirates Business Class Experience


Enter the words “Emirates business class” on google and it is love at first sight as you view image after image. Traveling on business class is a dream for many but not all can afford this luxury. There is no point beating around the bush. Let’s face it. Emirate is an expensive airline. It charges you for its exceptional services and also for the goodwill and brand name it has created for itself.

The Emirates Business Class Experience

Economy class is of course affordable but booking business tickets will put a heavy load on your finances or you could say travel budget. So what do you do? Do you spend money on it or not? Maybe this review of the Emirate business class will help you reach a decision.

Chauffeur Ride

Oh yes! When I say emirates treats you like a Queen/King, I mean it. The airlines provides a chauffeur service for its business class ticket holders. So yeah, you don’t have to convince people to drive you to the airport or get into the trouble of ordering a taxi. This service is especially helpful when you arrive at your destination and need to get to your hotel.

Smooth Boarding

As economy class passengers stand in long queues to get their passports checked, bags checked-in and go through security, emirate business class users zoom past them all. The process is finished in more or less half an hour for them. So basically you have to face zero trouble at the airport and escape the fatigue.

Business Class Lounge

Once your suitcases are checked-in and you have the security clearance, it is time for you to experience the first of the many luxuries to follow. The Emirates business class lounge is out of this world.Free champagne! The first thing you notice and admire once you are seated comfortably. With high speed free WI-FI, time sure passes in a blur browsing the web, eating and drinking.

Time To Board

You are one of the few first people to board the plane when the time comes. If that gives you the royal feeling, the airplane ride is royalty at the whole new level. More champagne and drinks are offered as you settle in your seat. Your eyes immediately focus to the mini bar that is located on one side and within your heart you do celebratory dance.

Air Staff

There is an air hostess ready to attend to your every need immediately. You say it and it is done. I am not even exaggerating.  Pillow? Check. Blanket? Check. Headphones? Check. Lights dimmed for a nap? Check. A glass of juice? Check.

Meal Time

Meals have never been the greatest up in the air. But they are up to the standard when it is business class. Money can buy you a lot of things including five star restaurant quality meals served in top notch crockery. You literally have a 4-course meal up in the sky. It doesn’t get better than this.