Saturday 02 March 2024

The Most Spicy Sex Tourism Places To Visit

Sex tourism is a serious and highly lucrative business. When people set out to travel for tourism, they have some activities set in their minds. There are those who just want to enjoy the tropical sun, to view nature, to taste exotic foods, interact with different cultures and so on. The same way, there are those who are attracted to a tourist destination due to its sexual thrill. The sex tourism mainly attracts male customers and female clients. In some countries, sex tourism is legal while in others it is illegal. Whichever way, the oldest form of trade still takes place in all corners of the world. Here are the top five sex tourism destinations world wide.

The Most Spicy Sex Tourism Places To Visit

The Netherlands

Netherlands is one of the famous sex tourist destinations in the world today. It is well known for its red light district in Amsterdam. This is a tourist favorite for both regular and sex tourists. In Netherlands, the red light district is a buzz of activities with enticing nightlife. Sex tourists get to enjoy night clubs, strip clubs, brothels and street prostitutes all in one place. This is one place that gives those with sexual fantasies a safe heaven to indulge.


For several years now Thailand has been rated as the world leading sex tourism destination. For one, the Thai women are very pretty. Secondly, sexual freedom is part of the Thai culture. This explains the reason as to why the Thai people are freely willing to vend their sexual services to tourists. Thailand is known to have the best nightlife with night clubs, strip clubs, brothels and transsexual clubs. Thailand offers a safe haven to those who lack the freedom to exercise their sexual orientations in their countries. The Bangkok red light district, which is the CBD of Thailand’s sex tourism, has been featured in various movies. This destination is a hotspot for quick sex, fantasy sex, transsexual sex and any form of adult entertainment.


Brazil would be called the capital of South America’s sex tourism industry. In South America, many countries are known to offer sex tourism. Most of the sex workers in this region are driven by poverty. Brazil has beautiful and charming people. Their culture is enticing and their nature very attractive. What makes Brazil’s sex tourism unique though, is the high number of female sex tourists. While in most countries it is the male who go looking for sex, in Brazil it is the opposite. There must be something special about Brazilian men.


Cambodia is another rising sex tourism destination in Asia. Cambodia has not been a tourist destination for sexual purposes as such, but the sex trade is always increasing. In the recent years, Cambodia has seen a rise in the number of night clubs and prostitutes. All these are incentives that are more likely to attract sex tourists to Cambodia. The sex industry has all is necessary to flourish in the beautiful country. It is only a matter of time before Cambodia starts competing for the top spot on the sex tourism charts.


Kenya is the one country in Africa where sex tourism thrives. Being a well-known world tourist destination, sex tourism is just an added incentive.The coastal city of Mombasa and the Capital Nairobi offer amazing nightlife activities with night clubs and strip clubs. Most of the sex vendors are young girls most of whom are driven by poverty. Mtwapa is a special destination in Mombasa city where visitors find sexual entertainment. The Mtwapa nightlife is least known about but very fascinating and entertaining. Read more about it


Sex tourism is a reality and for those who love enjoying sex, it is a wide open field. When choosing the best destination for sexual adventure, you need to consider some factors. The laws of the country regarding sex. While prostitution is not illegal in many countries it is also not legal. For many cultures, the issue of sexual trade is left hanging in the balance. However, one thing that is clear in all countries is that having sexual relations with a minor is a serious offense. Therefore, go have fun but avoid the young ones. Sexual adventure is also more costly in some countries than others. Some of the cheap sex tourism destinations on the list include Brazil, Kenya, and Cambodia.