Wednesday 06 December 2023

The Power Of Video Testimonials In Marketing Healthcare Services


Marketers are well-aware of the power of customer testimonial as any audience of a late-night television program can verify. These video testimonials are seen to be equally persuasive on various marketing channels such as on the digital landscape, and with today’s available tools – it even gets incredibly easy to capture and distribute.

Mainly, the genuineness of testimonial is practically also really useful in marketing within the sphere of the healthcare industry. Yes, there are already a number of surgeons who have shown off some of their work in before and after photos. However, the drawback is that these anonymized images usually lack the power of persuasiveness of an individual who is more than willing to lend a voice and a human face to promote or endorse a particular physician or brand.

This sense of humanness is ultimately helpful when it comes to marketing healthcare services. Various credentials like board certifications or the schools attended are easy to quantify – but the actual results and the overall experience a physician give are equally important in the perspective of the patients. That’s why people are fond of asking their peers for referrals. However, that trust extends rather easily beyond established relationships: almost 80% of consumers tend to trust testimonials as much as personal recommendations.

Below are pioneering reasons why utilizing testimonial videos in promoting healthcare business is extremely crucial:

Video testimonials connects automatically – Video testimonials from current or actual patients offer a sense of authenticity that helps your brand build rapport with the viewers efficiently. Mainly, the honesty of the individual portrayed in the video while telling her story can be a potent way in evoking empathy and promoting kinship.

It fosters trust – The moment a particular customer would recount her story in front of the camera and says good things about your business, the viewers will instinctively view your brand to be more trustworthy.

People love video – Today, more and more individuals are getting accustomed to seeing a video content on a website or even on any social media channel. Most of these individuals would want to watch a video before reading the content.

It just effectively works – Testimonial videos that are strategically placed and professionally made are today’s one of the best marketing tools available. When used in the right manner, it may greatly assist in increasing your marketing efficiency. You can talk about the best travel destinations to the best VA mortgage rates and you will surely have more exposure if you use video. 

Weaving Effective Testimonial

Fake shock, exaggerated emotion – we have all witnessed an example of a terrible testimonial. This kind of testimonials can hugely harm your business. Thus, it must be avoided at all cost. Mainly, the efficacy of a testimonial can be directly related to the authenticity and other major components like honesty, specificity, and empathy.

Honesty –  Never try to use family members or friends or paid actors to do the testimonial. It is crucial that they would come from random people who genuinely admire your practice.

Specificity – avoid testimonial containing vague and generalized statements such as “ I love Dr. Smith, he is a great person”. Instead, have the testimonials discuss a miniature case that describes problems and how you were able to solve them. Your patients would certainly want to be reassured that whatever their problem is, had been dealt in the past and was positively resolved.

Empathy –  Testimonial can be efficient when it show patients cases they can relate with. Have statements like “that is the problem I faced for years,” “I am scared about that too” etc. Think about what are the concerns of the patient and the results she wants – then have those things reflected in your testimonials.

Arrive With A Process To Get Testimonials From Patients

It would be difficult to get some people to speak in front of a camera. It’s paramount to strike while the iron is hot; it means asking a patient on a particular time she is most likely to agree and battling some roadblocks to get things done.

Make sure to keep a video recorder and a tripod in your office. This will allow you to capture the testimonial video in a handy manner. Once the interview is done, ensure to hand all the necessary forms for the participants to sign. Know that HIPAA has strict regulations when it comes to utilizing personal patient information especially in marketing.

How To Use These Testimonials?

One important thing about video testimonials is that possess a number of applications. Though the most prominent place of these videos is your website, where they can be an excellent material in boosting your SEO efforts. Know that video testimonials can be an incredibly powerful ally when it comes to your digital marketing battles. You can resort into various channels such as the social media, newsletters, and blogs – these platforms are where you can reach an audience effectively.