Thursday 01 December 2022

The Right Way To Maintain A Diesel Generator

Generators can either be used as a backup power supplier or a primary source of power in places that do not have a stable supply of electricity. Compared to the ones running on propane and gasoline, Diesel powered generators are known to be highly cost effective and are quite easy to maintain. Moreover, they are comparatively more reliable, durable and offer unmatchable performance.

The Right Way To Maintain A Diesel Generator

However, to keep a diesel generator in good shape at all times, it is recommended that you carry out a maintenance check at least twice a year. A Generator consists of several components and all these components are prone to damages if not taken care of the right way. Below are a few tips that can help you get the most out of your generator.

Periodic check up

As discussed earlier in the article, a routine inspection of the diesel generator is highly essential. The DG set consists of several parts such as the fuel system, combustion engine, exhaust system that need to be closely monitored for leaks.  It is recommended that the oil is changed after every 100 hours of the operation to ensure its long life.

Right Amount of Lubrication

Every time while turning off the generator, check the engine oil using a dipstick. Drain the old oil into the crankcase. Keep in mind that the filter and the oil, both should be changed at regular intervals. Check the manufacturer manual while you are carrying out these procedures on your own.

Check the Batteries

Weak or undercharged batteries are greatly responsible for power system failures. This can badly affect the overall performance of the generator. See to it that the battery is fully charged. Clean up the battery periodically. Use a damp cloth for the cleaning process. If you witness erosion in the terminals, unplug it from the system and clean the terminals using water and baking soda. But, see to it that the liquid does not get inside the battery cells. Also, keep a tab on the gravity and the electrolyte levels.


Check the coolant level once the generator is shut down. While the engine is cool, add the coolant up to 3/4 inches. Clean up the exterior part of the radiator using a soft brush or a cloth, but make sure the fins are not damaged.

Fuel System

Diesel stored inside the generator can get contaminated within a few months or a year. Therefore, use the stored diesel before its quality degrades.

A diesel generator maintenance procedure is indeed a mammoth drive. It won’t be a good idea to take it up all by yourself, especially when you know nothing or too little about how to get started. The generator consists of several tiny components and therefore need to be handled the right way. An unintentionally caused error may affect its future performance.

To prevent situations like these, get in touch with an expert technician who is good enough to take up the maintenance procedure. This will save you a good amount of your precious time.