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A project engineer job involves planning, budgeting, overseeing and documenting all aspects of project you are working on. They work closely with upper management officials to maintain that scope and direction of project is moving in a right direction and is on time. Jobs in Kuwait for project engineers are in demand.



There are various responsibilities linked with a project engineer profession which are as follows:

  • Responsible for successfully initiating the project
  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Executing the project
  • Monitoring
  • Controlling and closing of the project.

What they do?

They often act as center point for contacting with the customers. They undertake the functions of preplanning of project, resource forecasting for the engineering and other technical activities involved with the project. Schedule preparation is also conducted by project engineers.

Educational Qualification

Qualification varies with the project as different project requires different skills and education. In most of the cases project engineers hold degree in engineering, business management and construction management. In some special cases project engineers hold bachelor’s or master’s and even Ph.D. degree in project management to pursue their career in the same.

Scope of Project Engineers

There are vast ranges of opportunities associated with project engineers:

  1. Jobs in construction companies
  2. Jobs in IT companies
  3. Companies who have roots in civil, architecture, transportation and many more hire project engineers offering jobs in Kuwait to large number of job seekers.

To justify the duties of project engineers he/she must have following skills in addition with educational qualifications:

  • Leadership quality
  • Good in team management
  • Excellent in negotiation
  • Risk management
  • Personal organization and many more.

Why Kuwait?

Kuwait’s main source of income is petroleum industry which provides large number of jobs to the job seekers like project engineers. Besides this the country is flourishing with other sources of income like trade, travel and tourism and many other which in turn generates more jobs in Kuwait for fresher and experienced candidates.

Benefits of Working in Kuwait

  • Large number of options for affordable accommodations
  • There are many activities in which you can indulge yourself like visiting museums, islands etc
  • Crime rates in Kuwait is low which in turn makes the city safe place for the residents as well as to the foreigners
  • Salaries are high and competitive when compared with other nation
  • Tax free income
  • Wide range of colleges are there making the country attractive for those who want to study further without compensating with their work
  • The country has many hospitals. Special benefits are been offered to the expats where they have insurance provided by the companies making it perfect for job seekers to find jobs in Kuwait.

Disadvantages of Working in Kuwait

  • Most of the buildings have limited parking facilities
  • Extremely hot summers which makes people to stay at home more often than to go outside
  • Cost of goods are relatively very high
  • Private schools are expensive
  • Long wait at public hospitals

As listed above the pros and cons of working in Kuwait one can decide cons are relatively less as compared to the pros which makes it a very amazing destination for the candidates looking for jobs in Kuwait.

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