Saturday 31 July 2021

Things That Make Church Website Better For Visitors

Things That Make Church Website Better For Visitors

Like many other websites that are used as medium to promote business, church websites also need a lot of work to be done in order to attract visitors. If you are the admin of a church website, then the least you must be doing is updating the events section of the website. However, did you know a good church website needs lot more than just updating events and calendars? Here are few things that you should do on your church website in order to make it look better and more useful:

Things That Make Church Website Better For Visitors

Add the Address

This is the most important thing that you need to do for your website, as it is your medium to reach the audiences and vice versa. Therefore, do not forget to add the address of the church on the website. Make the address visible to every visitor of the website. You may also want to add the Google Map in the address part. The footer of the website is the right place to add the physical address of the church.

Contact Information

Similar to the address, contact information should also be present on the church website. Remember that you have made it for community building and without contact information, building an effective community will not be possible. You may want to list the contact number next to the address. One of the best ways to do it is adding the contact number to every page of the website.

About Us Page

This is another important part of your website. In the about us page, you should be mentioning every required detail about the church. Remember that “About Us” page is your gateway to the audiences and thus, list out everything you want visitors to know about the church. You may want to add the vision and mission of the church in this section too.

Belief Statement

Since the church website is related to church, visitors may want to know what the church believes in. Therefore, you should mention a belief statement of the church on the website. Your visitors frequently expect some kind of doctrinal, creedal, or creedal statement to be present on the website. However, the key is that the belief statement should not be visible on the landing page of the website. That may turn off few of the visitors too. Therefore, find an apt place on the website to put the belief statement of the church.

Social Media Channels

This one goes without saying. Everyone has been taking advantage of social media marketing to grow their business. Therefore, you also being a church website admin should capitalize using social media channels. One of the easiest ways in which you can do it is by creating pages on several social media channels and then sharing the links of those channels on the website. Any person who visits the church’s website will also visit your social media pages, which in turn will grow the church’s community.

Follow these tips and make your church’s website stand out!