Wednesday 02 June 2021

Things to be aware before you done in on a professional lens

Photography as a career stream encounters its own set of challenges and tasks. In fact, it possesses to be one of the most challenging professions among all career paths. Regulars stick to routine photography jobs for newspapers, others freak into the world of adventure photography showcasing their creative skills. Whichever stream of photography you choose, it is obvious that you have to deal with loads of challenges and a reasonable degree of satisfaction occurs if you are able to make your mark in this business.

If you feel that you have a knack and are ready to overcome the challenges then this field is the one for you. Though there are various pointers you need to be aware before making a leap in this stream, it all starts with seeking admission into quality photography colleges. This goes a long way in providing a professional leap to your career.

  • Just like any other field, in the field of photography demand for a professional degree beckons. You need to seek admission in professional colleges in India and seek work in this stream. Before you start applying for professional jobs you need a degree in this domain. This really assumes importance if you are seeking an idea about this stream in general and you might have to undertake this process.
  • If you are planning to seek photography as a profession, you need to decide which field you are looking to specialize. There are loads of option, fashion, food, and wedding to name a few. Opt for the one which you are most skilled and adept at. Once again this would be an area which a professional photography course would enable you to decide.
  • To expand your job experience tries doing internships here and there. Ideally, you might have to work as an assistant to the main photographer before searching for jobs as you might be searched for job experience. This is an area that you have to indulge in by hook or crook.
  • By doing internships you not only learning the art of learning on the job, but it is a great way to build contacts in the industry. For future job references or contacts, this might prove to be a masterstroke. The industry operates by word of mouth and makes sure you build reasonable rapport with your peers. The reason being of any form of employment opportunities come up you will be the first person to be considered.
  • Last but an important area to address is after completion of your course you need to build a portfolio. When you are approaching clients you need to have a portfolio handy. This will showcase to your clients on your photography achievements to date. Incorporate images of photography which you are considering and then accordingly develop a portfolio. This is a definite area that you need to address when you are applying for jobs.

The above are five basic qualities you are going to need before opting for a career in photography.


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