Monday 15 July 2024

Things We Should Know About Travelling In California

Travelling in California shouldn’t be a no-brainer, especially for people who seek to go to an exhilarating holiday destination. There should be many things we could see and do in California. The state is a good place to visit for travellers at any age group. However, we should know the following things to ensure smoother travelling experience:

Things We Should Know About Travelling In California

  • Road Rules: Compared to other states in California, there are a few unique road rules we could encounter California. As an example, provided the road is clear, we could always turn right, even if it’s red light. This could be hard to get used to, especially if we are honked by the drivers behind us for more than a few times. However, we should always read rules book before we drive in California.
  • Get a voucher book: If we decide to stay in motels or hotels along the way, we should make sure that we could get more reasonable pricing. The amount of savings can be significant, especially when we plan to have more than a few weeks of vacation in California. So, voucher book is something that’s definitely worth having. We also shouldn’t be afraid asking for any kind of discount if it’s possible. In most cases, the hotel staff should be more than keen to help us and this is especially true during the off-peak season.
  • Get a pass: When planning for a vacation, we should determine what “must see” attractions we should visit in California. These may include Universal Studios, Sea World, San Diego Zoo and Disney Land. However, these popular attractions can be somewhat expensive and accommodations near these locations can be quite expensive. For a group of five people, the pass could be about $1500, which is a lot of money.
  • Purchase a very affordable phone: We could risk paying too much for roaming when we are using our own phone in California. Many people are surprised that they are required to pay a mega bill when they get back home. In general, it is more sensible to purchase a $35 low-end feature phone from a popular carrier. In this case, we could just toss our phone in the bin and demolish the SIM card for security reason when we go home. This should be a good solution for many people and we shouldn’t have a problem communicating with our family with the disposable phone.
  • Tipping: We should be aware that many staff in restaurants are paid only minimum wage and they expect our tips. These people require tips to sustain their costs of living. It means that when we go to a restaurant, we should be prepared to provide tips that are roughly ten percent of the price of the meals. Tipping in eating places in California is generally considered a normal practice, not modus operandi.

In general, travelling in California should be a pleasant experience. There are many things to see and enjoy, it could be a single trip that we want to repeat in the near future.