Monday 15 April 2024

This Is Why I Love To Work On Framework Yii

I have been a software biz for 16 years and all I can say is that it’s fun time to be a language nerd. Now the term PHP framework immediately pops up in our minds, the moment we hear about making use of the most popular web development platforms. Perhaps, it enables professionals like us to build hi-end applications featuring a bunch of advanced and robust features. You will come across a variety of PHP frameworks ranging from Laravel to Yii, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Phalcon, Zoomla, CakePHP, Drupal, and Zend, each of a kind. Henceforth, it becomes very difficult to decide on which frameworks to choose. I personally feel that a framework should be productive in such a way that any developer can use its feature to develop an efficient web page and applications. Of course, everything here depends on how well a developer ends up managing and using the platform.  

This Is Why I Love To Work On Framework Yii

While web developing in present times, the prime focus must be on the rapidity of the development process with reusable, well-written and managed code with scalability. Fortunately, with proven use of these popular PHP frameworks, it becomes pretty feasible for us to accomplish their complex project efficiently. In the following post, I would like to talk about my favorite “Yii Framework”, its excellent features and how does it outshine from the others?

About the Yii Framework

Known as high-performance PHP framework, Yii stands for “Yes it is” which means nothing is impossible and also represents flexible, simple and user-friendly. Being open source, component-based MVC Architecture and object-oriented, the framework is considered as highly result oriented among the entire PHP fraternity. Written in PHP5, it outshines by helping professionals in creating a complex bunch of solutions for the end clients. Besides, here I would like to share some of the biggest reasons why almost every PHP web development company is considering itself a Yii development company?

Impressive features of Yii

Do you think by offering user-friendly and new innovative features, Yii has succeeded in becoming one of the most sought after framework? Probably not! Below are some of the key features of Yii Framework which has made it the number one choice of PHP developers nowadays:

This Is Why I Love To Work On Framework Yii

  • Model-View-Controller (MVC) – The framework makes use of MVC design architecture, it is generally used for the code-reusability and separation of dealings. It separates business logic from user interface considerations aiming at making it easier for the developers in changing each part of the code without affecting the rest. The model itself represents the basic information and business rules whereas the view consists of the elements of the user interface such as text, form inputs. And last but certainly not the least, the controller acts as an intermediate managing the communication between the Model and the View.
  • Caching– Another effective way to improve the overall performance of a website is by caching. The feature reduces the time of page load to a greater extent.
  • AJAX-enabled widgets– Integrated with jQuery, Yii comprises a set of Ajax-enabled widgets such as auto-complete input field, data grid, treeview, enabling writing highly efficient and versatile user interface extremely simple. Developers, now highly efficient User Interfaces went easy.
  • Error Handling & Logging– With handleError and handleException functions, Yii takes care of all PHP warnings and notices. Moreover, it displays all the errors and exceptions with a detailed call stack supporting different error formats.
  • Authentication and Authorization– Available with built-in authentication support, Yii does authorization via Hierarchical Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) support feature makes web development simpler yet efficient.
  • Security- One of the biggest reasons why most professionals like me end up becoming a Yii developer. The framework is equipped with a bunch of security measures that prevent any web applications from attacks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site request forgery (CSRF), and cookie tampering.

So this is it!

This is a partial list, I could go on & on when it’s about a framework that acts as a unique resource in building web applications assuring you in providing all the key benefits needed to lead your successful business ahead.