Monday 20 May 2024

Tips For A Fun and Memorable Family Vacation

The idea for a family vacation sounds exciting, relaxing, and so much fun.

Sometimes the actual planning phase can zap all that excited energy right out of you!

It seems like there are so many things to think about and there are so many options.

If you have multiple children they often have multiple ideas about where they’d like to go and they aren’t afraid to voice them.

Loudly and argumentatively.

Take heart because there are steps you can take to plan a vacation that everyone will enjoy!

Tips For A Fun and Memorable Family Vacation

Where to go?

With all the options available, try to zero in on the activities that the whole family enjoys doing together.

Does everyone enjoy a good hike? A trip to the Appalachian Trail might be something you all agree on.

Do you all love the sand and surf? An OBX vacation rental might be a perfect choice.

Are you more of a museum-strolling family? A trip to a big city could be just right.

If everyone likes something different, a cruise might be a good option because there are a lot of activities on board to choose from, as well as the opportunities to explore off the ship.

Do your best to come to a general consensus!

How will you get there?

There are a few variables that go into this decision.

The budget is a big one. It can be very costly to fly if you have a larger family.

Another is the distance that you’re traveling and if getting there is part of the fun. For example, driving from Maine to California will take some time but there are fun stops along the way.

The length of the trip can play a part as well. A family traveling from Maine to California with only a week set aside for their vacation would have little choice but to fly.

Weigh out all the options and the choose the one that suits your situation best.

Enjoying it!

This is the fun part!

Here are some tried and true tricks to make sure you enjoy your time away:

  • Don’t make it too scheduled. Keep an open mind and an open schedule. Be spontaneous. It’s a good idea to have only one or two scheduled activities for the day. If you had planned a museum for the day and everyone would rather hang out at the pool, don’t be afraid to change it up!
  • Collect memories. Give your children the task of finding items here and there to keep as mementos of your trip. It could be sea shells, ticket stubs, or a jar of dirt or sand. Anything goes, as long as it sparks good memories of your vacation.
  • It’s okay to split up for some activities. If a couple of you want to go to the beach and some others want to play putt-putt, split up for the afternoon. Sometimes siblings can use a little break from each other and that’s okay. When you come back together you can tell each other about your day!
  • Have patience. Try to go with the flow. Remember that there will always be hiccups in your plan. If the children are struggling to get along, try to redirect them, keeping in mind that everyone can get a little cranky when they’re out of their routine. Even moms and dads!

No matter what destination you choose, the important part is that you enjoy the time away with your family.