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Tips For Tourists and Businessmen Traveling To Sydney and Parramatta

Tips For Tourists and Businessmen Traveling To Sydney and Parramatta

Sydney is known worldwide for being a melting pot of different cultures, styles, arts, and people. Without a doubt, the state capital of Australia is a must-visit place for people who love to experience and enjoy world-class tourist destinations.

Tips For Tourists and Businessmen Traveling To Sydney and Parramatta

For Businessmen and Simple Tourists

There are dozens of points of interests in Sydney, and visiting each one would take some time to do. If you are planning  to visit the majestic capital of Australia but do not have the luxury of time, then you may want to visit just the most popular destinations instead of visiting them all. Some of the most-visited sites in the capital include the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour, Coogee Beach, Botanic Gardens, Royal Botanic Gardens, Shelly Beach, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Visiting these spots can take a lot of time if you don’t have the right transportation, which is why it is a must to plan for your transportation ahead of time.

While the Sydney business district is most popular when it comes to both foreign and local tourists, the suburb of Parramatta is quickly becoming the number one choice of businessmen who are looking for corporate venues and function rooms Parramatta. If your business or company wishes to hold its corporate meetings or any other company activities, choosing a Parramatta hotel or function room is definitely a wise move. The abundance of hotels in the area makes it one of the best locations for business activities.

Foreign and local tourists who wish to visit New South Wales’ Sydney should remember some points prior to packing their bags and booking a flight to the capital. Although Sydney is very friendly to tourists, it is still a must for visitors to know a thing or two about the capital. One of the things to put on to-do list is transportation. There are many forms of transportation one could choose if visiting Sydney, including taxis, train, and shuttle bus. Taking a taxicab is ideal if you are in no hurry to go get to your destination. The usual fare for a taxi from the airport to the Sydney Central Station costs around $30 AUD, but this may increase once you get caught in a traffic jam. If taking the train from Sydney Domestic Airport Station to any of the city stations, an adult will have to pay $15.90 AUD for a one-way ticket, while from the International Airport Station to any city stations, $16.70 AUD for one-way ticket.

Preparing Everything ahead of Time

Whether you are a tourist or businessman, and you don’t want to experience the hassle of public transport, then the most ideal mode of transportation will have to be a shuttle service. Major hotels in Sydney offer free shuttle service to guests. If you have availed a shuttle service, all you need to do is find the shuttle and ride on it. Riding the shuttle is very convenient for tourists and businessmen going to meetings and corporate activities, especially that the capital can be not so friendly to tourist-commuters due to traffic and different routes.

Visiting Sydney and its surrounding suburbs can be a lot of fun, but can also be challenging if you were not able to plan for your travel details. You would want to book everything days or even weeks ahead of time. By doing this, you don’t have to deal with all the hassle related to late bookings and reservations. This is extremely important if you are planning to rent function rooms Parramatta since many of the hotels in the suburb with such rooms are usually fully booked. In a nutshell, if you want to have a stress-free stay in Sydney, book everything ahead of time.