Friday 01 March 2024

Top 10 Reasons To Visit The Great Ocean Road

There are many great places to visit and sights to see in Australia, but one of the best places to visit and see as much as you can is the Great Ocean Road. It is perfect for any traveller and a great place to add to the memory books. The Great Ocean Road is 243 km long, stretching along the coast between Geelong and Portland. The road was built by returning soldiers from WWI in the early 20th century.

Top 10 Reasons To Visit The Great Ocean Road

Here is a list of the top 10 reasons to visit the Great Ocean Road. You should visit the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne to see everything on this list and more!

  1. Visit the surf capital
    Torquay is famous for its surfing. Its surf and beaches are ideal for surfing, which is why many world competitions have been held there. Torquay has a rich history centred around surfing and the culture, which is great for more surfing experience and even for learning the basics.
  2. Experience history
    There is a lot to learn regarding the road that was built nearly a century ago by soldiers returning from WWI. Travelling and visiting the road gives you a great opportunity to learn more about Australia and its history.
  3. Hit the best events
    The best surfing events, music festivals, exhibitions, and cultural festivals are held along the Great Ocean Road. You can experience these events yourself when you visit the road.
  4. See the Otways
    If you visit the Great Ocean Road, you’ll also be able to visit and see beautiful rainforest scenery. You can stop and walk through Australia’s best flora and fauna. Also, many waterfalls are hidden in the rainforest, usually accessible with a quick walk.
  5. Visit the beaches
    Travelling along the coast also means having access to many beautiful and expansive beaches including the 13th Beach, Ocean Grove, Torquay, Bells Beach, Anglesea, Jan Juc, Point Roadknight, Fairhaven, Apollo Bay, Johanna, Lorne, Kennett River, Port Campbell, Warrnambool, Port Fairy, and more.
  6. Experience wildlife
    Australia has all kinds of wildlife. When you travel along the road, you may come across kangaroos, dolphins, wombats, koalas, wombats, wales, seals, snakes, foxes, and more. It’s best to see animals in their natural habitat, and the Great Ocean Road is the perfect way to do that!
  7. Spot lighthouses
    There are many beautiful lighthouses along the Great Ocean Road. They are excellent and interesting pieces of architecture, and they make great lookouts. You should take the time to stop and see them.
  8. Shipwrecks|
    The southwest coastline of Victoria is a very dangerous section of the coast where many shipwrecks have occurred in the past. In fact, the coast has claimed over 180 ships, and there are many fantastic stories and a lot of history to learn regarding the many shipwrecks.
  9. See the 12 Apostles before they disappear
    The twelve apostles are massive rock formations along the coast. They are named after the 12 disciples of Jesus. However, there are only 8 left due to erosion, so you should see them before they disappear.