Wednesday 29 November 2023

Top 3 Mens Grooming Products In 2016

A high quality body groomer is something that no man can live without. You need it to shave/trim, take care of your bodily hair and appear neat at every part of your body that has hair (which, for most men, is all over!).  However- you cannot go with just one machine for it all. Hairs on different body parts have different characteristics, which is why you need something extra and different for each of these. To help you with just that, we have rounded up the best body groomers of the year, segregated into electric razors, hair clippers and beard trimmers.

Top 3 Mens Grooming Products In 2016

Electric Razor

Majority of the people confuse an electric razor with an electric trimmer. However- the two are very different products. When you buy an electric razor, what you should look for is a close and smooth shave- just like what you get with a manual razor. To provide you with that, you will require a razor powered by a powerful motor and coupled together with high-quality blades. It is important that the electric razor have an ergonomic design for better grip, noiseless operation and has a good durable structure.

The choice between wet and dry operation is what the best electric razor should provide you with. This will let you shave without any additional cream/moisture, or let you use your favorite shaving gel/foam as well for a more comfortable shave. An electric shaver must have a blade design that does not pull on the hair and shaves them gently, yet with high precision. One such model that offers all these features- great design, the perfect shave, no pulling, durable body and the choice of dry/wet operation is the Panasonic ES8103S Arc3. Instantgrooming reviewed this shaver and found it really amazing.

Hair Clipper

One cannot just use any razor or trimmer for removing body hair- and this is exactly where a hair clipper comes in. If you are looking for personal hair clippers for men, then the first requirement should be that it comes with high-quality blades that cut your hair without any pulling. The better the quality of the blades is, the more comfortable and close your shave will be. You will also benefit from having washable blades- this makes it easy to clean and maintain the trimmer.

Versatility of choosing the length of hair is something that you cannot compromise on in hair clippers- this feature must be there. Using a hair clipper with cord makes it hard to get to those difficult areas- so you will be looking for a model that provides you sufficient cordless operation without requiring too much of charging time. With all these features, the Philips Norelco HC7452/41 7100 Hair Clipper is what perfectly fits the bill. It comes titanium blades that are maintainece free, DualCut technology that cuts faster and with greater precision, and offers you 120 minutes of cordless operation with just one hour of charging time.

Beard Trimmer

A beard trimmer should do the job swiftly, and must not be too expensive while at it. However- affordability does not mean that it offers any fewer features than those high-priced models. While searching for the best beard trimmer, you will be looking for blades made of a high quality material that will guarantee great performance and durability. Every person has varied trimming requirements, so you will also need an adjustable guide combs with various settings that let you trim the beard to the desired length.

A good quality battery is what you will also need- especially one that guarantees sufficient cordless operation while charging. A trimmer that works even on cord is great, since it means you can always prepare for that unexpected event even if your trimmer is out of juice! A great trimmer must have a powerful motor, yet provide you with a silent operation. That irritating trimmer running noise is one of the worst things that one can hear in the morning, isn’t it?

With all these features, the Wahl 9918-6171 Beard Trimmer is what the best in the market actually means. It provides you with a precise and comfortable beard trimming experience, with little noise and no need for any maintenance at all! Check the full Wahl Rechargeable Trimmer #9918-6171 review from Instant Grooming and you will be surprised to see its price level vs its performance.

Thus, with all of that, you should now be aware of what you need to look for to create the perfect men’s grooming package! High quality trimmers and shavers are how you can ensure that you look neat, presentable and ready every time. Taking care of the factors mentioned will get you the most of your money in the form of a durable and lasting grooming product. The market is full of options in every segment. Only when you make an informed decision can you be sure that what you are purchasing is the best that your money can buy!

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