Saturday 08 May 2021

Top 3 Summer Fashion Necessities For 2014


With summer here, many of us are searching through our wardrobes, attempting to decipher what can be worn during this very hot period of time and what must be pushed to the other side of the closet for colder weather. Sure, your favorite pair of harem styled pants might be somewhat suitable for the summer, but when this season strikes, less material is better. Or maybe you have been investigating your favorite jean jacket to wear over a red shirt with a pair of khakis for a party outdoors. Sorry to break it to you, but that ensemble might just be a little too hot. It is always important to wear comfortable and suitable clothing for the season without having to sacrifice fashion. Here are three summer fashion necessities for summer this year.

1. A Crop Top

Crop tops are absolutely essential this year because they can go along with nearly everything. Do you have a favorite pair of jean shorts? Put it together with a crop top. It can be printed, patterned, or solid; it does not matter. You will notice that a crop top will work amazingly with a number of different bottoms, such as a long and flowing skirt or a short, embroidered skirt. The crop top is definitely a must-have this year for the summer!

2. A Bikini

Have you gone bikini shopping yet? If not, then you absolutely must. To show off your true American spirit this year, consider an American flag bikini like these super cute ones from AMI Clubwear to show your friends how much you love our country (or simply to fit in with the Fourth of July). If you do not really feel comfortable in a bikini, then you should look into a monokini or a full bathing suit. There are also multiple cover-ups out there which can help you to look your very best. Oh, and don’t forget to wear sunscreen and a hat with a wide brim which matches your bathing suit—this will help to keep your face protected from sunlight.

3. Comfortable and Adorable Footwear

Let’s be honest with ourselves; as cute and sexy as high heels are, the last thing you are going to want to do during your trip to the beach is—well—trip on the beach in a pair of cute and sexy high heels. With summer here, the need for functional clothing and footwear is absolutely critical. You would not wear a wool sweater to a party outside in ninety degree weather, and you should not be wearing high heels on a patch of uneven sand or a literal boardwalk full of cracks which can capture your heel, leaving you with a twisted ankle. This is why you should go look at your flip flop and sandal options; in fact, there are quite a few choices out there which will make you reconsider ever wearing heels again.

These three fashion necessities are absolute summer essentials. Another great thing about these fashion necessities is that they are versatile and imperative to nearly every summer experience you will enjoy this year. So, start your car up and drive to your nearest mall to do some fun summer shopping!