Friday 19 July 2024

Top 4 Reasons Why Learning ‘C Programming’ Is A Must

Top 4 Reasons Why Learning ‘C Programming’ Is A Must

We all know how keeping up with the latest programming languages is essential in the developers world. But to jump start by practicing and learning the in trend language will not suffice your career.

You got to start from the basics. Yes, for sure you will be able to get into the tech world by mastering the high level language such as JavaScript or Python. But you won’t be regarded as a pro in this game until you learn the very basic the C Programming language.

Let’s take a look why getting to learn this program language is essential in the developers field.

1. Simplified And Rapid

One of the many reasons why you must get started with this language is because of its simplified nature. Beginners are recommended to start off with this since ‘C’ is simply elegant and wickedly rapid.

It includes bitwise operators, keywords (static, extern, register, volatile) that makes it easy for the developers to understand the proficiency of writing systematic code. This is not possible if you start off your journey by learning the high level language.

Hence, one of the many reasons why you must learn this beautifully coded programming language.

2. Lesser Distractions

When you begin by learning ‘C’ you will be faced with lesser distractions. Since it is an object based language there’s no chance that you will be diverted with the likes of polymorphism or inheritance.

This does not mean that these concepts are not significant enough, however, for your better understanding and simplification it is recommended to learn direct procedural programming initially.

You will be better accustomed with the next step of learning programming language once you master the concepts of ‘C’.

3. Discipline

You will be get he benefit of acquiring the knowledge of coding discipline as well once you begin to learn ‘C’. Since it happens to be fastidious, demanding and occasionally downright cryptic.

But one of the perks of this language is that you don’t essentially have to write difficult coding. By learning to simple create maintainable coding will suffice you to gather the coding discipline with ‘C’.

4. Embedded Programming

By learning C you will be able to deliver embedded programming as well. Yes, making a computer programme work with a well written piece of code is great.

However, integrating embedded code into a custom hardware seem to be a challenge for those who have only learned the high level language. With ‘C’ you will be to acquire the functionality of embedded programming as well.

So what are you waiting for? Learn this simple yet highly efficient programming language if you want to make yourself establish in this field. Without having knowledge of the C Programming you will never really fully master in the field of programming.


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