Thursday 18 April 2024

Top 5 Sunglasses Shapes and Styles that Suites Every Face!


Choosing the right shape of frames based on the face style is important. When looking for sunglasses online, men and women are often confused between various shapes and sizes available. Though the sunglass styles are unique, others can clearly be defined based on their appearance. While sunglasses are important to protect the eyes from dust and sun rays hitting the eyes directly, it also a way to display style and fashion.

There are a plethora of sunglasses styles to choose from especially if one is looking for best women’s sunglasses online that come in different colours and sizes. The quality of glasses also varies depending on what they are made up of and their characteristics like UV protection, Polarized, etc. Few styles are best suitable for men while others may suite women. But then, there is some sunglasses shape which may well be graced by both genders.

Check out here for such pervasive styles and make the right choice while buying sunglasses online in India

Square Sunglasses

Square shaped sunglasses come in various sizes which gives them a distinctive look. Traditionally they were worn in the ’60s and ’70s and adorning these nowadays will have a retro appeal. Though, the square-shaped glasses we get these days are quite different from the retro ones as the latest designs are updated ones giving a modern touch to a rather retro idea.

Again, in the same shape, different styles are ranging from sporty ones to trendy ones which make this shape a versatile one. People with round and oval faces should be picking this one out as it balances their facial bluntness with sharper edges.

Rectangle Sunglasses

When left confused with plenty of options, pick rectangle-shaped sunglasses as they suite easily on face type and shape. Rectangle sunglasses are quite boxy than its counterpart square. Again, most of the rectangle sunglasses you get these days comes with stylish thick frames that blend the boxy, retro look with a new touch of modern design.

There is hardly a chance that it goes wrong. When looking to buy women’s sunglasses online pay close attention to sizes as they may vary for men. Also, checking out the prints and patterns on temples is a great way to make the right choice. Though it suits best on people with a round, oval and heart-shaped face this is a go-to for every face shape and size.

Round Sunglasses

Whenever someone thinks of round sunglasses, John Lennon comes to mind. Perhaps, this is the reason why they are also called Lennonesque glasses. This style never fades out. Be it Gandhi, Lennon or Jobs. Though the size of lenses varies, its shape stays the same. With edge-less glasses, these type of sunglasses is becoming more of a pop-culture pick than a mere fashion statement. Again, the frame type also varies – skinny, thick ones, plastic ones or even the slim metallic frames.

It suits almost every face shape provided one chooses the right size and framing. These are usually preferred by people with a square or rectangular face, this one just fits almost anyone when picked meticulously keeping the size and type in mind.

Aviator Sunglasses

An easy of a lot to choose when it comes to type but with plenty of variations available in the market, it gets difficult to pick just one. Classic Aviators came in dark coloured metal temples and reflective or smoke glasses. But these days, the variants are aplenty for both the gender. When looking to buy Aviators for women online go for the one that’s sleek and has a small curve. Back in time, the Aviator design was conceived with a large teardrop lens that blocks sunlight from all angles. Traditionally worn by pilots, Aviator sunglasses look great on any modern-day Maverick.

Classic aviators have a dark metal frame and reflective or smoke lenses. The large teardrop lenses were designed to block the sun from all angles. The line between the genders is gradually fading as people look to protect their eyes with style and opting to buy unisex aviators online that comes with a couple of lens colour options to choose from. Even if its sloping silhouette is bound to flatter heart-shaped faces these are loved and adored by everyone regardless of their face sizes and shapes.

Wayfarer Sunglasses

Modern Wayfarers boasts thick frame at the top and runs across your brow which stays the same even at the bottom half of the lens. This one type that blends the contemporary style pretty well with the traditional elements of sunglasses. These are square-shaped frames but rather having a smooth acetate finish and compact than the usual square ones. If we are to talk of its history, they are in the market without fading out since the past 60 years. The reason for its success is that these are first of its kind to be made fully in acetate and not the metal. Quite a revolutionary history!

These are versatile summer sunglasses and one can spot minimalists decked up in wayfarer with ease. Regardless of the gender, men and women love sporting wayfarer sunglasses to stand out amongst the rest in the crowd. Culturally too, people like Bob Dylan, James Dean, etc. have followed this style in their career. Best suited on heart-shaped, diamond-shaped and even oblong faces, wayfarers when chosen carefully can suit anyone. The ones with a square-shaped face can too sport one and break the fashion rule by picking up a size that is only befitting their face structure.


No matter what the fashion gurus tell you, if you feel wearing a particular style makes you feel good, go for it. There are no rules in picking the right kind of sunglasses, these are just guidelines. It is also a good idea to choose one style for a particular occasion after considering the type of clothes that needs to be worn at such places. With lots of options and styles available, it is always recommended to but sunglasses online and make a wise choice to make a bold fashion statement.