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Top 6 Places To See In The Leather City Of North India, Kanpur

In the entire Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur is the largest city. Until the eighteenth century, Kanpur was just a village and lacked significance. In the Hindu mythology, Bithoor has a crucial place since Lord Brahma performed Ashvamedha Yagam here. Jajmau, on the other hand, is the place with immense historical significance.

Top 6 Places To See In The Leather City Of North India, Kanpur

Kanpur is extremely populated city and in fact the largest industrial towns. Situated on the banks of Ganges, the city was the centre of industrial revolution. Founded by the Chandela Dynasty, the city is the major cultural and industrial hub. The hot tourist destination is impregnated with top tourist attractions.

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  1. The small town, Bithoor: Bithoor is the small town which located in Kanpur and is the prime tourist destination. Bithoor is the home to religious and sacred Ganges, attracting several pilgrims all throughout the year. The place held special significance in the year 1857. You can visit famous places like Patthar Ghat, Valmiki Ashram, Dhruva Teela, Bhrahmavart Ghat and also Siddhiram Ashram.
  2. The very famous Kanpur Gardens: Kanpur has a rich economy and is now well developed by the Government and powers that ruled this place prior to independence. Kanpur is famous for innumerable gardens that are well maintained and provides a serene and relaxing environment. Some of the worth considering parks are Zoological Gardens, Mahatma Gandhi Park, Nana Rao Park and Phool Bagh.
  3. Boodha Bargad or the Old Banyan: Literally meaning Old Banyan, Boodha Bargad is the very famous monument located in the Kanpur. Although the tree is dead, you can still find the memorial in the Nana Rao Park. During the revolution of 1857, around 144 revolutionaries were hanged here.
  4. The artistic Shri Radhakrishna Temple: Shri Radhakrishna Temple in Kanpur harbors 5 shrines dedicated to the Hindu deities. Its architecture is really marvelous and is an example of neo-Hindi architecture built with white marble. During Diwali and Janmashtami, you can visit the temple.
  5. The major Jain Glass Temple: Situated in the Maheshwari Mohal, Jain Glass Temple is an important temple dedicated to Jainism. The temple is entirely adorned with intricate glass material and in fact the design structure is pretty elaborate. The glass mural both inside and outside are narrating the Jain philosophy while housing Lord Mahavira.
  6. The largest tanneries Jajmau: Dating back to 1300-1200BC, Jajmau is the largest tanneries in the North Indian region. It was a home to the oldest Indian civilization and is situated near the Ganges. Here you can check out several places and tourist attractions like Makhdoom Baba Bazaar, Kanpur Zoo, Habiba Masjid, Jajmau Tila, etc. To send birthday flowers to Kanpur, you must choose only a genuine company.

Kanpur is often addressed as the ‘Manchester of the east’. It is renowned and world famous for leather products. The above mentioned places are must to consider when you plan to visit Kanpur.