Sunday 03 December 2023

Top 6 Roof Problems That Are Very Common

Your roof unarguably protects the priciest of your assets and almost all of your personal belongings. It is thus, important to take proper care of your roof. A small roof problem can go undetected for years and can cause huge damage to your building.

In order to identify these problems you need to know what are the most common roof problems. Below listed are a few roof-related issues.

Top 6 Roof Problems That Are Very Common

1.Poor installation: Poor roof installation can cost you a lot of money in the long run. Bad installation is the prime reason for most roof failures. To avoid this, one should hire a skilled and experienced roofing company for a complete roof replacement or a small repair.

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2.Roof leaks and poor flashing: There are many reasons why leaks occur on your roof. Flashing is done to prevent leaks where different surfaces like shingles, walls, and chimneys meet. If cementing is not done properly, it can start leaking.

Flashing should also be installed in the places where a roof edge is meeting a sidewall. This will avoid runoff flows down the wall or into the wall.

3.Absence of chimney cricket: If you have a wide chimney, it can act as a dam for the rain water to accumulate. Also, there will be debris buildup on your chimney which holds moisture. If your chimney is wider than 30 inches, it is recommended that you install a chimney cricket. This will direct the flow of water around the chimney and off the roof.

4.Shrinkage: Roof materials can shrink and give rise to many problems such as deterioration, cracking, and pulling apart metal flashing. Roofs covered with EPDM material is often affected with shrinkage. Cracking and blistering generally lead to many bigger problems which eventually make your roof very weak, putting it on the verge of a collapse.

5.Ventilation: Attic and roof ventilation is an essential part of safeguarding your roof. When vents are placed, one at the top of the roof and another at the base, it makes way for a natural flow of air. The warm air being lighter in weight gets out of the top vent and the cooler air gets in from the bottom one.

If the ventilation is done properly, it will not only regulate temperature but also will help you get rid of the moisture. Heat and moisture are deleterious for your roof and can cause troubles that cannot be solved unless you get your roof completely replaced.

6.Punctures and holes: Anything from hail storms to woodpeckers to critters can be a reason for puncture and holes in your roof. The puncture will allow water to seep into the roof. This can not only rot your furniture but can also lead to the growth of mold.

It is important to take a look at the sealing and flashing around the vents for home appliances and HVAC. This must be done twice a year.

Maintenance of the roof is very important to make sure it completes its life-cycle. Roof replacement is usually very costly, and hence, it is important to inspect and identify if your roof is having any of the above-listed issues.

A smart homeowner is the one who is proactive in identifying and circumventing these problems as early as possible.

A word of advice – The inspection and repair can be dangerous. Take all safety measures if you have planned to do it yourself. Alternately, you can hire a professional roofing company to perform these tasks.