Sunday 01 August 2021

Top Best Tips For Education

Learning Hacks – How To Improve Your Grades Without Trying

Top Best Tips For Education

There are a few tricks you can pull to help you learn without actually having to do much work. It is common sense stuff in truth, but it is only common sense if you know it.

Audio books are your passport to passive learning

They really are a student’s best friend, and yet so few people use them to their fullest extent. Think of all the times you are “not” learning. You can replace those times with full-on learning time.

When you are walking from one lecture to another, you could be playing a textbook audio book. You could listen to it before you go to sleep, whilst you are on the toilet, whilst you are taking your evening jog. There is nothing stopping you filling all of your spare and free time with audio books so that even your dullest and most mundane daily activities are loaded with learning.

You can, and should, make your own audio books by reading your textbooks into microphones and listening to them during the day.

Listening to books in your sleep helps you learn

There is still a lot of evidence that suggests your subconscious is able to absorb things whilst you are asleep. You can even understand and remember things when you are under anaesthetic and in a coma. Ergo, having audio textbooks playing whilst you are asleep may not be such a terrible idea. The only downside is that some people are roused by the noise, which may lead to a poor night’s sleep.

Speed-Reading software can actually help you learn without you knowing it

There are plenty of online tools that help you speed read. They flash the words in front of you very quickly and it forces you to read the words as they flash up. You read them at a far faster rate, and there is even evidence that the words you do not consciously absorb are still absorbed by your unconscious mind.

Use an essay writing service

There are plenty of essay writing sites you can try, many students use a writing service at least once in their student life, and many people trust and rely on the website too. You can improve your grades dramatically if you have somebody else write your essays for you.

The more you reference, the higher you score

This may seem like an oversimplification, but the more references you have in your essay, then the higher the chances are that your professor will score your essay highly. It supposedly shows that you have referenced every idea and fact, and that you have separated them from your opinions. A lot of references may also indicate that your essay is very well researched.

Learn how to mark essay papers and exams

One trick you should try is to learn how to mark essays and exams. Once you learn how to mark an essay, you may gain valuable insights on your own tips and hacks you can use to improve your grades without trying very hard. You will notice things you wouldn’t have noticed if you had not practiced marking essays yourself, such as how a marker’s attention tends to lower near the last third of the essay.