Thursday 21 January 2021

Travel is one of the rejuvenating activities for holidays. People choose holy places or hill places or beaches to travel and enjoy. When it comes to holiday destinations, Goa is given priority. You will be amazed to know that Goa has magnificent forts. No doubt they are must-visits. Lets have a look at some of the forts in Goa

  • Aguada Fort

This is a fort cum prison being built in the 19th century. The term ‘Aguada’ means fresh water. This fort has many freshwater springs in its ambiance. The specialty this fort holds is that it is a symbol of Portuguese influence. The architectural work is enough to impress anyone. It is the largest prison in Goa.

Top Forts In Goa

  • Corjuem Fort

This fort is the magical fort built by Portuguese. The best thing is that it has been built in 1705. It is situated near Mapusa River in Aldona village. Local people also call it Khorjuem fort. Its beauty has sustained even today. People Luggage Online get surprised to see its unending beauty. You gift energy and peace to yourself when you visit this place. It has kept open to the public for sightseeing

Top Forts In Goa

  • Terekhol Fort

Terekhol Fort has its roots belonging to Maharaja KhemSawantBhonsale. He was a Sawantwadi ruler who built this fort on account of nature-love. This fort is named after a river. This is famous for Goan history as well. This fort, but, belongs to Portuguese rule. Portuguese took this fort in 1746. They even got a church constructed. It has now become a heritage hotel. To sustain its beauty, it has been confined for the public.

Top Forts In Goa

  • Chapora Fort

This is also Indian-Portuguese fort.  It was constructed by Adilshah of Bijapur originally. Portuguese later rebuilt this fort. It is a matter of 1617. It is very beautiful as it is built in red laterite stone. The public can have a view of Vagator beach from the fort. Presently this fort is left with only the gigantic walls and strewn Muslim tombstones. It has many tunnels built from a safety point of view.

Top Forts In Goa

  • Reis Magos Fort

This amazing fort is located on the bank of Mandovi River. Its past is related to wars and related issues. It was specially built by the Portuguese to defend against outsiders. It has a church at the base and flowing water in its surroundings. Earlier it was used for defense purpose but it has now transformed into the prison. It is known for being residences for the viceroys as well.

Top Forts In Goa

  • Cabo Fort

This fort is related to spiritual things. It is assumed to have experienced the presence of Lord Ram, Sita, and Lakshman. As per the religious relief, all the three spent few days in this fort during their exile. It is now surviving being the Governor’s residence. Located on the southern coast of Goa, it is a must visit the fort. The specialty is that it was built in 1540 but still looks royal and fresh.

Top Forts In Goa

  • Mormugao Fort

Mormugao fort is related Mormugaoharbor. It was constructed only for the sake of Mormugaoharbor. Its historical heritage is what makes it worthier. It is open for visitors throughout the day. Experts recommend people to go during day hours. It is very astounding.

Top Forts In Goa

Explore yourself in the aura of forts which have been built 100 years ago.  There is so much more to Goa than just beaches and parties. You will start agreeing to this when you visit the forts. So book your holiday trip now and enjoy the architecture and forts of Goa.


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