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Top Things To Do When Visiting Colorado’s Horsetooth Reservoir

Top Things To Do When Visiting Colorado’s Horsetooth Reservoir

West of Fort Collins in Colorado lays Horsetooth Reservoir. At over five thousand feet of elevation, Horsetooth has a variety of fun activities to be enjoyed by the entire family. A reservoir is a man made, artificial body of water that serves the purpose of storing water for drinking, irrigation, and even power generation. The making of reservoirs dates back to 3000 BC. Horsetooth Reservoir diverts water from the west to the east slope. It started to be built in the year 1946 and was not completed for three years until 1949. It did not begin to store water until 1951 and it now serves as a great visiting spot as well as for other purposes. If you find yourself near the area or looking are nature focused vacation, you can have fun at the Horsetooth Reservoir.

Top Things To Do When Visiting Colorado’s Horsetooth Reservoir


This 1900-acre lake is open year-round for fishing and it is home to wide range of fish. You can catch trout, walleye, and smallmouth bass. Other types of fish to be found in the area include white bass, perch, and bluegill. If you like fishing, come to the Horsetooth Reservoir. There are limits as to how many fish you can catch a day and the size of those fish as can be expected. You can find the details online or will be provided with a brochure where those limitations are listed.


Horsetooth Reservoir requires a camping permit, but it is also open for camping year-round. If you wish to wake up to nature, pack up a tent and head over to Fort Collins. Horsetooth Reservoir has some of the best camping spots, easily accessible, and while camping you can enjoy other activates like fishing and hiking. Camping reservations are given on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you call or go online right away to reserve.


Whether you are a Colorado local, or driving past the Horsetooth Reservoir area, eating al fresco can be an enjoyable experience. The views are delightful and if you stop by for a picnic, you will have lasting memories. You can combine your picnicking experience with a nice hike before your meal, a bike ride through Horsetooth Reservoir’s many trails, and there is even horseback riding available.

Rock Climbing

For the thrill seekers, there is rock climbing at the Horsetooth Reservoir. Colorado mountains are perfect for this activity and the ones near this reservoir are no exception. Climbing is a great form of exercise and once you reach the top of whatever rocky structure you set out to climb, you will feel a sense of accomplishment.

Scuba Diving

If you find your thrill under water, scuba diving at the reservoir probably the best activity for you. This popular diving site is also open all year, like most of the activities at Horsetooth Reservoir so it is a great place for new and experienced divers to explore the green waters and explore the inside of this reservoir.

Other water related activities you can do at the Horsetooth Reservoir are boating, though boating ramps are not open all year and boats are inspected and limited to specific hours, jet skiing, and water skiing. As you can see, the Horsetooth Reservoir serves its initial purpose of storing water for the usage of nearby towns and communities, but it also is a great place to have fun. To purchase Hoothtooth clothing, stickers and wall art to commomrate your trip, visited Horsetooth’d shop online.