Friday 01 March 2024

Tourist Guide : 4 Top-Listed Tourist Places In Monterey County

Are you searching fun-filled tourist places where you can live life the full? You’ll get a long list of tourist places which make you confused. And again you’ll try to filter them all. Keep in mind,”tourism does not go to a city that has lost its soul”. So, pick a place that is alive and make your travelling experience beyond the expectation. I personally suggest you to travel Monterey county. The place holds unique attractions that will make you confuse in picking any!

Tourist Guide : 4 Top-Listed Tourist Places In Monterey County

If you’re confused regarding the tourism, then I am pretty much sure that after reading this article you’ll be sure on visiting this lovely place once. For more information regarding this amazing county, visit and suffice your fantasies to visit the dreamlike places. This article connects you with the best places at the County. Enjoy bigger than the big picture of it.

  1. Monterey Bay Aquarium : Monterey Bay Aquarium is one of the world’s richest marine regions. Aquarium is a window from where you can see the wonders of the ocean. It represents 35,000 creatures over 550 species which can fill 34 major galleries. The main goal of the non-profit Monterey Bay Aquarium is to inspire the ocean conversations. The architecture of this complex aquarium was adapted from the former factory which stood there from 1916 to 1980. This aquarium stands right on the edge of the rocky bay and concentrates the royal marine life of Monterey Bay. Definitely, you’ll get an awesome feeling after this amusing trip.
  2. 17 Mile Drive : It is only a few miles away from Monterey, on the south side of the Monterey peninsula, lies Caramel. The charming views of the countryside make it worth going the long round over here. This drive begins at Pacific Grove Gate and then goes along the Pacific Coast. On the way, you’ll run through the Del Monte Forest, where you’ll find a number of large villas. The forest is impressive with a rich amount of cypress trees and the Monterey pines. The cypress trees offer amazing view to north and south along the pacific coast.
  3. Cannery Row : Cannery Row is a waterfront street that originally served as a fish packing area and now operates as an attraction of tourist, with shops and restaurants, and also a beach of golden sand. Cannery Row has evolved with the times from its warehouses and low budget hotels. Today, visitors will find a high market rows of shops, few boutiques and restaurants. You can easily combine this visit with Monterey Bay Aquarium and Fisherman’s Wharf.
  4. Monterey State Historic Park : Monterey State Historical Park is located in old Monterey which was the capital of California once. This park consists so many historical buildings and homes. There are so many buildings which date from the early 19th century. There is one unique attraction which is a rare whalebone side-walk. In spite of buildings and homes, there are attractive flower gardens which win the crown to remain as a center of attraction at the place. These gardens range from stunning rose gardens to cypress hedges and herb garden. The custom house garden is remarked for its fine display out to Monterey Harbor.

In Depth of the conversation, the travelling will be worth your spending. You’ll get a bundle of amusement which convince you to capture every single moment passed over the places. I assume that I have satisfied your hunger of finalizing the travelling spots in Monterey county. Don’t spoil your vacation by visiting boring places. This trip will be a special one that’ll help you in collecting endless memories. Enjoy Your Life & Make Every Moment Large!