Wednesday 20 January 2021

Transforming your property with glazed doors

With a new year comes a new opportunity to reinvent your surroundings. Whether you’re dreaming of a complete overhaul of your interior décor or you simply want to inject your home with a little freshness, one element that you can easily harness for a positive change is the use of light in your home. Wonkee Donkee XL Joinery are specialists in interior fittings, and might just have exactly what you need to transform your living quarters. Their suggestion for making a positive and impactful adjustment this year is simple and highly effective: why not invest in glazed doors?
A Creative Step
Glazing isn’t simply reserved for external doors – installing glass throughout your home is certainly possible, and makes a striking impression. A wide variety of options, including the material and colour of the door leaf, the size, shape and opacity of the glazed sections and even the possibility of patterns and decoration on the glass itself, allow for a great deal of creative input on your part and will certainly offer up beautiful results.
A Whole New Light
Light is vitally important to us as humans. It lifts our mood, beautifies our surroundings and helps our eyesight when reading or performing delicate tasks. If you’re renovating or refurbishing your home, additional light will help to showcase the full effect of the changes you’ve made, or if your rooms are just feeling a little dark and dreary, an improved flow of light through the house can really energise their look and feel. Of course, the installation of glazed doors allows more light to travel between rooms, helping us to cut down on our energy usage and making our homes work harder – both for our wallets and for the environment.
A Greater Space
The economical use of space is very much in vogue currently, and, while mirrors have always been very popular when creating the impression of a larger room, glazing in doors can have an equally powerful effect. A solid wood door suggests a dead end to a space when closed, but the use of glass panels offers a softer, airier effect that gives the impression of the room continuing.
A Little Privacy
There’s no need to worry about glazed doors affecting the sense of peace and privacy in your home. While they can help to add a decorative flourish, allow light to pass between rooms and give the impression of greater space, another facet of these particular fittings is that they are available in different opacities, with various visual textures and frosting options available. Take a look at the wide selection of different options available here.
For further information about the types of glazed doors on offer at Wonkee Donkee XL Joinery, along with help and advice regarding your individual DIY and handiwork needs, simply call today on 01938 557733. You can also access Wonkee Donkee’s knowledge base for further information about fitting your doors, style tips, and a highly useful glossary of terms.


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