Saturday 09 December 2023

Ultimate Solutions to Enhance the Online Reputation of The Client


With a phenomenal experience of 23 years in medical field, the client is an eminent physician who is practicing in the Warwick, Rhode Island. He has done his residency in Internal Medicine from Brown University & Boston University in 1993 and is focused towards the well-being of his patients.


Industry: Internal Medicine
Issue: Unrelated reviews
Solution: Content creation, microblogging sites
Duration: 2-3 months

Requirement of Client

Our client is an esteemed physician who is widely recognized for his remarkable performance in the medical field. He recently contacted us in order to achieve a good online reputation and reach to numerous patients. He inquired us to provide the perfect solution for enhancing his reputation among the online viewers. He talked to our professionals directly and discussed his exact requirements.

Steps Taken by Sparx IT Solutions

As the client wanted to get complete acknowledgment of his medical expertise, we worked on his profile with an aim to provide him out of the box solutions. In order to meet all his online requirements and needs, our highly expert team of professionals worked hard making use of the best and latest search engine optimization techniques.

The steps taken by us are as follows:

Content formation

The very first thing that we did was to create the most unique and exceptional content about his work profile. Our expert content team developed the content after doing complete research on the targeted keyword.

Syndicating the content

Knowing the fact that content syndication is an exceptional tool that will not only expose your blog on search engines but will also improve your page ranking and generate traffic, we included this method also in our solution. After getting created unique content, we published and promoted them on various platforms.

Creation of Microblogging Sites

In order to reach to the prospective viewers, we have also posted several informative blogs on various Microblogging sites such as WordPress, Tumblr, Blogspot and Medium for this task.

Promotion on social media

In order to strengthen the profile of the client, we also worked on his social media profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, & Twitter. We published content on these social media sites on a regular basis and promoted them.

Additional techniques

In addition to the above solutions, we also utilized the technique of video promotion for showcasing his clinical treatments and practice.

Result Achieved

The client was overwhelmed with the online reputation management solutions provided by us as it was up to the mark as he expected. With our expert knowledge and technique, we helped him in getting higher ranking on the search engine and improved his online visibility to a great extent. He was highly satisfied by our services and appreciated our dedication and hard work.

Client’s Testimonial

[testimonial]It was an awesome experience to work with Sparx IT Solutions. All my concerns were taken on priority and they provided me the best solutions for them. The ORM techniques that they offered were highly unique and helped me in a great way.[/testimonial]

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