Tuesday 25 June 2024

Understanding The Permanent Resident Status When Immigrating To Canada

If you want to shift your bases for good to Canada, then you need to become a permanent resident of the country. There is a distinct process which allows immigrants to become permanent residents. Once you become a permanent resident, there are defined responsibilities and duties that you ought to perform and various advantages and a few disadvantages as well. This article will briefly explore the application process and the nuances of a permanent resident status in Canada.

Applying for moving to Canada

If you are wondering who can apply for Canada immigration then the answer is almost anyone and everyone. The process of immigration to Canada has to begin at the Canadian Embassy in your city. You will have to fill out the application form and provide all the required details and documents to prove your identification and the purpose of your immigration. There are different clauses under which one can move to Canada and you will have to apply under the clause under which you fall. For example, if you are a refugee then you will have to apply for permanent resident under that category. If you are moving to Canada to start up a business then you will have to apply under that category. The process is a fairly simple but lengthy one, if you follow all the steps properly.

Who is a permanent resident?

A permanent resident is someone who enjoys the status of being a permanent resident of Canada but is the citizen of another country. A permanent resident enjoys certain advantages like coverage of health care and other social benefits that Canadian citizens receive from the government and are protected by the government. They can also study and work anywhere in Canada. A permanent resident can also apply for citizenship of the country but a permanent resident cannot vote or hold certain jobs. If you want to know who can apply for Canada pr from India or whether you are applicable or not, you will have to check out the eligibility criteria under various clauses where you can apply. If you are planning to shift bases to Canada on a permanent basis, then this is a good option, since becoming a permanent resident comes with its benefits which makes your survival in the country easier.

The permanent resident card

Once you become a permanent resident and want to travel outside of Canada, then you will need a proof that you are a permanent resident of this country and that proof is your permanent resident card. You will have to apply for this card once you become a permanent resident. The PR cards come with validity period and hence needs to be updated at regular intervals. You however, will not lose your permanent resident status when the validity of your PR card expires.

Giving up the permanent resident status

You are free to give up your permanent resident status anytime if you do not wish to stay anymore in Canada. This can be done through an official process.

These are some of the most important things that you need to remember when you are thinking about becoming a permanent resident of Canada.