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Unending Romance: Come Across The Most Romantic Hotels In Maldives


It is quite reasonable when you devote so much time planning for your wedding and so should you put the exact effort into selecting a special location for your beloved honeymoon.

As to choosing your desired location, it is best to make it somewhere both of you would love to go. Do not hesitate to do as much research as you can, and you can even ask for any suggestions from your family and friends who may have been to the location you have in mind.

Unending Romance: Come Across The Most Romantic Hotels In Maldives

While you are planning your honeymoon, here are the finest romantic hotels in the Maldives, and everything that is left is for you now is to settle the cost and final preparations!

Experience Nirvana in COMO Cocoa Island

Situated in Maafushi, Maldives, the location will provide you a share of tropical heaven and offers you an entire freedom from everyday life.

One of the tiniest and classy vacation places in the Indian Ocean contains at least 33 thatched villas influenced by Dhoni cruise with big, private decks for unwinding or dropping into the lagoon.

The all-around, and Asian-inspired approaches are present in the COMO Shambhala Retreat, which contains four treatment rooms and an open-air yoga pavilion.

Ufaa is known as the primary restaurant within the place. However, you can always welcome to wear your beautiful and breezy clothing as visitors tend to go for a more romantic and private dining near the beach.

Laze in The Four Seasons Resort

Unending Romance: Come Across The Most Romantic Hotels In Maldives

Located at Landaa Giraavaru, Maldives and has at least 100 thatched sunset and sunrise beach and water vacation homes edging the big lagoon.

The resort is famous for its spectacular service, and the treats include excellent tantric massages for two, castaway picnics on uninhabited islands, and romantic dining on an intimate platform in the center of the lagoon. The land-based villas feel most private and genuine.

Cherish Moments in Taj Exotica Resort and Spa

Located in Emboodhu Finolhu, Maldives. Taj Exotica is known as one of the most romantic and luxurious resorts in the Maldives. This exceptional honeymoon spot offer luxuries like exclusive butlers, exclusive swimming pools, and poolside assistants who will pour guest which Evian water and shine their sunglasses.

As you arrive, the resort staff will greet you with necklaces made from shells, shower you in red rose petals, and a frame-worthy welcome photograph as well. For a price, get both of yourselves ready as guests can as well arrange private dinners on a sandbar, in a treetop, or floating in the lagoon.

You can also order pizzas wonderfully topped with gold leaf and caviar, so make sure she consistently wear her favorite Women’s clothing and make her feel the most beautiful woman in the Maldives.

Breathe Easy in Soneva Fushi

Situated in Kunfunadhoo Island, Maldives. The “no news, no shoes” phrase of the resort is true to their word, and they confiscate footwear on the classical dhoni cruise transfer from Malé.

The 65 villas built from natural components are in between of the beach and jungle. Amusing extras involve an open-air cinema on the beach, treetop yoga, planetarium and a private butler designated to every villa.

There is also an exceptional choice of dining selections which includes Mihiree Mitha which provides amazing fresh sushi, and there is the By The Beach, known for Korean-influenced cuisine by candlelight, and the fresh herb and vegetable gardens of the island excellently supply the two.

Pamper Yourselves in Gili Lankanfushi Maldives

Unending Romance: Come Across The Most Romantic Hotels In Maldives

Located on Lankanfushi Island, Maldives. The resort is famous for its top-level privacy, luxurious feel, and satisfying service as every couple is taken good care of by a private butler. The beautiful and big bungalows made of wood are all over water, with direct access to the Indian Ocean.

Some locations are so private that they can only reach by boat which significantly provides every couple as much private time as they like.  In addition to this, guests can also arrange dinner in the villas or dine in one of most private dining spots around the resort, like the One Palm Island which is spectacular because it faces the sunset.


The romance must not only start and end at the wedding as it should continue in honeymoon. As the saying goes, the phenomenal honeymoon will always keep your relationship going strong. Every romantic trip comes with a hefty fee, but the reward will always be beyond priceless.