Saturday 09 December 2023

ValueMags Employee Attitudes  

ValueMags Employee Attitudes

Attitudes are very important to ValueMags’ executives. They are what make up the environment that you and your employees work in: which is why ValueMags cares about having employees with positive attitudes so they can work towards a common goals at ValueMags in the best way.

ValueMags executives know that there are two types of motivators that are necessary for the success and gelling of the ValueMags team: job satisfactions and organizational commitment.

ValueMags Employee Attitudes

ValueMags employees need to feel that they are safe in their jobs and that they are secure. There is a chain effect that happens when individuals do not feel secure. That is that when employees do not feel secure, they are tempted to look for other jobs or simply not perform as well as they could because their minds are preoccupied with other thoughts like stress about job security. To add, if employees are not satisfied with their salary, their benefits, and their compensation, they may also be tempted to not give 100% of their effort and time into their work. Job satisfaction is one of the most important factors in motivating employees and making sure they have the right attitudes coming into work.

Next, ValueMags also values organizational commitment. This brings together a lot of things. Organizational commitment, according to ValueMags, refers to having everything in their positions or given roles (organization of the company) commits to their roles and takes ownership of their daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. This applies to employees at the bottom of the corporate chain and at the top of the corporate chain. It is important that those in their given roles understand their power, their positions, and what type of relationships are appropriate to form with colleagues in those roles.

These consist of a group of peers who decide as a group, perhaps by voting. The difference between a jury and a committee is that the members of the committee are usually assigned to perform or lead further actions after the group comes to a decision, whereas members of a jury come to a decision. In common law countries, legal juries render decisions of guilt, liability and quantify damages; juries are also used in athletic contests, book awards and similar activities. Sometimes a selection committee functions like a jury. In the middle Ages, juries in continental Europe were used to determine the law according to consensus among local notables. Committees are often the most reliable way to make decisions. Condorcet’s jury theorem proved that if the average member votes better than a roll of dice, then adding more members increases the number of majorities that can come to a correct vote however correctness is defined. The problem is that if the average member is subsequently worse than a roll of dice, the committee’s decisions grow worse, not better; therefore, staffing is crucial.

Thus, ValueMags is committed to helping their employees develop an attitude through programs that enforce job satisfaction and organizational commitment.