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Visiting London In Luxury While Still On A Budget


Traveling is an acquired taste but it does cost a lot and you have to spend a lot of time planning if you are on somewhat of a budget. I recently had the chance to visit UK but the cost alone was a lot and with 2 kids, you have to skim wherever you can.

So we came to agree on this amazing idea that we will get bunk bed rooms wherever we stay. The kids have never had that type of bedding in their rooms so they were pretty excited. It is incredible how easily you can get a room with bunk beds, and they were so very cute that the kids now want to have bunk beds in their own rooms. I had a look at a couple of cheap bunk beds while in London and got the cutest one to be delivered back home with us.

Anyways, with the accommodation all sorted out, next we came up with how to travel within the city and what the best way was to sightsee as much as possible.

Contact a Tour Company

This is the best and most economical way to travel in a foreign city without the fear of being lost, or wasting your time. So we contacted a tour company, gave them our hotel details and selected the package for 6-8 days of traveling and sightseeing. Once that was all decided, the travel company gace us a loose time table including all the must sees they suggested we visit.

My kids added a few stops in there, like the nine and three quarters station, the Warner Bros studio, the British Museum and the Madame Tussauds. They all were fun places to go so we didn’t complain all that much.

Sites we Visited

Since I have 2 girls, they have always been very fascinated with the royalty and the fact that there is a real live queen and princess there. Even I am fascinated by all that the rich seam of history you can only get from a place like London so we stuck pretty much to the palaces and castles for the entire tour.

Visiting London In Luxury While Still On A Budget

The Hop on Hop off One Day Tour

It was so much fun, being on the top bunk of the double decker bus, we spent the whole day there, watching London from a far and just acquainting ourselves with the weather and the environment of the city.

Buckingham Palace

This was the first trip we had arranged, we started with the Buckingham palace and say the entire amazing and magnificent palace along with the tour guide, who gave us such fun information of the place, we didn’t know before.

Visiting London In Luxury While Still On A Budget

Windsor Castle Tour

After that we went to the Windsor castle, which is the permanent residence of the queen, so it was even more exciting for my girls to be there. The guides say that if you are lucky, you might actually see the queen going somewhere. We weren’t so lucky but just the fact that we were there was enough. There is always a chance tomorrow right!

Visiting London In Luxury While Still On A Budget

The London Eye

Coming back from the Windsor Castle, we returned to London and spend the evening near the London eye. We went to a nice café with the view and had the classic fish and chips, while the girls enjoyed the lights and beauty of the moving London eye.

The Kiddy Stuff

An entire day was dedicated for the girls where they had their heart’s full of the museum and the WB studio. In the end they were happy customers so I would say the trip was a success.

We did a lot of stupid memento shopping but it was so fun I couldn’t regret anything. It was by far the best trip we ever had.

Visiting London In Luxury While Still On A Budget

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