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Walking Off The Beaten Track – Offbeat Engineering Branches In India

Walking Off The Beaten Track – Offbeat Engineering Branches In India

A vast field of education, engineering studies is opening up to new branches with each passing day. Whether it is biomedical engineering or naval architecture – aspirants can choose from a plethora of options. Read the following post to know more.

Engineering Education in India

Engineering education in India has a long drawn history. Right from the days of Indus Civilization to developing computer chips in the twenty-first century, the field of engineering has come a long way. Today engineering happens to be one of the most sought-after courses in higher education in India with thousands graduating every year.

Today, we can vouchsafe that education has become a huge business in India, especially after globalization. Geographical boundaries have faded away and the Indian job market has emerged as a promising one with new fields and different job profiles for millions of job seekers.

The ushering in of the Information Technology (IT) changed the course of employment in India considerably. Several new technological courses are being introduced with each passing day and students are also embracing new engineering fields to study. Offbeat engineering fields are gaining momentum and students are opting for lesser-known engineering domains. Let’s explore five such offbeat engineering fields.

Walking Off The Beaten Track – Offbeat Engineering Branches In India

Offbeat Engineering Fields in Details

The paragraphs given below focus on some of the offbeat engineering courses in India

  • Nanotechnology

The study of manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular as well as supra molecular scale is termed as nanotechnology. Science of the miniature and the technology of the future happen to be one of the most exciting areas of research in the field of nanotechnology. A global phenomenon and an emerging field, nanotechnology finds application in myriad industries ranging from health, agriculture, environment, space research, R&D in government sector and other institutes. A professional in the field can find lucrative job opportunities with attractive packages in all the above-mentioned fields.

  • Environmental Engineering

An upcoming field, environmental engineering refers to the integration of engineering principles and science in order to improve the conditions of the natural environment and also to re mediate dirty sites is referred to as environmental engineering. Professionals in the field are often termed as ecological engineers. These professionals are responsible for dealing with a properly responding to the challenges that are posed in the environment. Their areas of work usually comprise designing and evaluating erosion control systems, utilization and proper management of waste and of course overall management.

  • Engineering Geology

The application of Geologic Sciences to engineering study for the right of assuring that geologic factors such as design, location, construction and operation, and maintenance of engineering works are recognized – is termed as engineering geology. A broad and diverse field of applied sciences, Geology has a substantial global view. Right from measuring the physical properties of the earth, to predicting and assessing the intensity of natural disorders – all are a part and parcel of geological engineer’s job. A promising field, professionals can carve out a lucrative career in this domain. The best institute for pursuing this specialization is Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

  • Biomedical Engineering

The application of engineering technology in the fields of pharmaceuticals, genetics and agricultural products is termed as biomedical engineering. The field also involves enhancing aspects of other living things such as plants to animals via humans. As a branch of technical science, biomedical engineering combines two aspects—problem solving and designing along with medical sciences and biological in order to improve healthcare treatment comprising identification, detecting and therapy. Colleges in India that offer a degree in biomedical engineering are:

Delhi Technological University, Delhi; Thadmol Shahani Engineering College, Mumbai, PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore,

  • Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture

Somewhat offbeat, ocean engineering and naval architecture have started gaining a little momentum among engineering aspirants in recent times. The discipline of Ocean engineering aims at solving engineering problems related to the ocean environment. It also comprises harnessing and exploiting the valuable resources of the vast oceans. On the other hand, partly related to marine engineering, naval architecture deals with designing, maintenance, and operations of marine vessels. Detailed designing, construction trials and dry docking are some of the major segments that naval architects look after. Substantially challenging, both these fields offer great career opportunities to aspiring engineers. Institutes like IIT Madras, IIT Bombay and IIT Kharagpur offer engineering degrees in these fields.

The Final Words

Apart from the above-mentioned ones, students can choose from other domains such as energy engineering, petroleum engineering, robotic engineering, paper and pulp engineering and many more. If you are an engineering aspirant and looking towards pursuing an offbeat field of technological studies, you may opt for the above mentioned ones.