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Want To Know Why You Go To Trek In Bhutan?

Want To Know Why You Go To Trek In Bhutan?

Bhutan allows the traveller who comes there to get off the beaten track and on the wondrous Bhutanese landscape. This blog will lead you to complete wastelands were you come across various Trek places in Bhutan. Trekking in Bhutan can be very easy, and it can also be a hard call at times. There are treks where you have to walk through the terraced field and idyllic hamlets to some of most backbreaking high altitude treks. The lowest altitude trek run through 3100 plus whereas the highest treks walk through almost 6000m Plus.

Want To Know Why You Go To Trek In Bhutan?

All the trekking trips in Bhutan are arranged as camping trips, and the camps are generally placed in a place where there is an ample supply of water. And the best thing about trekking in Bhutan is that the trekking company send a support staff to assist you in setting up the camps, carrying the backs, serving the meals and packing lunches.

Among all the treks in Bhutan some of the most famous treks which can take you on a rollercoaster ride are: –

Druk Path Trek: – Let’s start with the shortest and the easiest trek of Bhutan, the Druk Path Trek and will take nearly 6 days to complete. During the trekking, you will see yourself crossing the chains of mountains which separates two valleys. The starting point is the Museum; you have to go through the Dacha Village passing through the blue pines and the dense alpine forests till you reach Jela Dzong at 3560m which is also the first place where you will camp camping for the very first night. And after that the subsequent trails goes from the astonishing rhododendron forests with the superb scenes of Jumolhari, high pastures lands, and the remaining Himalayan peaks.

Laya Gasa Trek: – This trek offers a great opportunity of trekking in such conditions that are a delight, following farmlands and forests to high passes and alpine pastureland. The highest part that you will need to cross in the trekking journey is Sinche La, which is at the altitude of 5,005m. You will get to see yaks, blue sheeps, rare birds, and vultures. During the journey, you will also find one of the most impressive peaks namely Jumolhari and Jichu Drake. This trek can give a complete knowledge of the culture of Bhutan to the trekkers.

Chele La Nature Trek: – If you are avid nature lover then this is trek which is made for you. You must visit this place this must be the perfect trek for you. While trekking, in here in the months of July and August you get to see blue poppies.  The trek starts from Paro, then it goes around the high ridges of Paro and Haa and ends in the Drukgyal Dzong which is in the north of Paro. Let’s greet yourself by the great views of Mount Jumolhari on the high ridges.

Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek: – Passing across enchanting high altitude lakes, Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek is an excellent spot for trekking. It’s one of the shortest treks near Thimpu. This trek showcases the most exotic scenery in the realms of Himalayan range.

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