Tuesday 23 April 2024

Want To Run Away From Your Boss? Go To These 6 Wonderful Places In Southeast Asia

Do you want to run away from your work just because you are fed up of work stress? If it is the case then be relaxed as I am here to help you. Work burnout is one of the major causes of stress among employee. Additionally, the today’s technology-driven lifestyle keeps us so busy that we cannot even take a little ‘me’ time.

The work pressures and growing demands of life make us feel exhausted after a time and we are desperately in search of a holiday. Usually, people head to Europe or North America for a long holiday. What they don’t know is that Southeast Asia has some of the fantastic places that can change their outlook to this region. Some of them deserve a mention here:

Vientiane, Laos


Vientiane is the capital of Laos and it is situated on the Mekong River, near the Thailand’s border. It has also been named as the country’s famous economic center and tourism industry is seeing a boom in this region.

From my personal experience, it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

 Sihanoukville, Cambodia


Every time I visit this place, I am unable to come out of its hangover. It is the place I cannot get enough of. I have some very great memories with this place.

Sihanoukville is known as the most famous beach destination in Cambodia and you know that Sihanoukville is the place where the United States had its last battle during the times of Vietnam War.

The beaches in this region are among the Southeast Asia’s finest beaches. So if you are into surfing and parasailing, then you must visit that place with friends and family.

Sapa, Vietnam


Vietnam has a lot to offer you. You have to visit this land to experience the real fun. Sapa is the northwest part of Vietnam.  And I personally like it for its trekking adventures.

Built in a small town, Sapa is surrounded by mountains and hills. So if you are into trekking, you can have the best experience of your life. Don’t take my words for it and visit the place to experience the thrill.

Perhentian Islands, Malaysia


Perhentian Islands are one of the most splendid places to witness the beauty of nature. The Perhentian Islands consist of small and beautiful islands off the coast of northeastern Malaysia and near the Thai border.

The most prominent islands are Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil, so make up your mind and visit these great islands.

 Phuket, Thailand


Indeed, it is the heart of Thailand and it has always been the prominent place to visit for people from all across the world. Phuket is considered as the Thailand’s biggest island and it has some attractive hotels, resorts, restaurants, shops. It is known for its lovely nightlife.

I suggest all the young couples out there must visit this extremely romantic place, which is a favorite for me and my wife.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur is the city one cannot have enough of. It is primarily famous for its exquisite beauty. It is full of skyscrapers that are known for their innovative design. Once you visit this city, you will not want to get back to your homeland.

About Writer: David Cairns is a travel guide at UK writing firm. He is also a blogging enthusiast, who loves writing about tourist attractions, surreal places, and travel tips. In addition, he is also an academic writer, who takes pleasure in providing needy students help with dissertation writing.