Friday 01 March 2024

Weekend Getaways Near Varanasi

getaways from Varanasi

Have you enlighten your inner spiritual self in Varanasi? Want to explore more? Well, once you have finished travelling as much in Varanasi or wish to cover up some places nearby, you certainly can. There are some great weekend getaways that are quite close to the city. You can just take a train, car ride or buses to reach these places. Here is a list of some fun weekend getaways from Varanasi: –

Weekend Getaways Near Varanasi

Allahabad – This is one of the biggest cities in the state and has several dimensions. The city played a significant role when it comes to the development of modern India. The city was earlier called Prayag, and it has several scriptures from the Ramayana and Mahabharata. If you know what Ramayana or Mahabharata are, you have heard of Allahabad! The city is about an hour, 30 minutes away from Varanasi. You can stay at 3 star hotels in Varanasi that are on the outskirts to access this place quickly.


Sonbhadra – Want to see some iconic forts and historic sites? Visit Sonbhadra which is just few minutes away from Varanasi. There are exquisite carvings, cave paintings, forts, rivers, fossil parks and much more in this city. You can enjoy the ageless rock paintings here which are about 4000 years old in age.


Ayodhya – This is an epic place to visit. If you have always been interested in the Ramayana and even read it, you must visit this weekend getaway near Varanasi. This place is closely associated with Lord Ram as he was born here. He returned home on the day of Diwali after he left his house and went to a forest for 14 years. You must have heard about the struggles he faced when Ravana captured Goddess Sita and how Lord Hanuman helped Lord Rama save her. How can someone not visit this place?

Rohtas – This district is just 2 to 3 hours away from Varanasi and is not quite popular for tourism. It isn’t a crowded place but that doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to see. You can see the beautiful rock edict of the great Emperor Ashok. You can enjoy the cuisine of the state here. Make sure you stay at three star hotels in Varanasi that is near the city boundaries to reach the getaways quickly.


Pratapgarh – Just few kilometres away from Varanasi, this is a district well-known for temples, history and some peaceful time. The place has a gorgeous fort which was made by AjitPratap Singh which is called the Pratapgarh. This is a prime attraction in the district. There is also a popular temple called Bela Bhawani, which lies on the River Said. You can visit this place for a day to enjoy some time away from Varanasi city.


Pack your bags, take your essentials and fly to Varanasi today plus don’t forget to visit these getaways on your trip. Most importantly, make your hotel bookings well in time because being a tourist city famous worldwide, it experiences a huge tourist footfall. Make your trip historic, religious and colourful!