Monday 15 July 2024

What Are The Best Ways To Solve Physics Problems In IIT JEE?

Physics is considered as one of the most interesting and favorite subject by most of the students which also happens to be a key subject especially for highly competitive examinations like JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. Since the JEE is conducted just after your 12th class board exams, you have to prepare for both your JEE and board exams simultaneously and for that, effective planning is very necessary because you can’t waste your valuable time in practicing and revising the same concepts every day.

What Are The Best Ways To Solve Physics Problems In IIT JEE?

Therefore, before even starting your preparations, it is advisable to analyze each and every concept included in both JEE Advanced and JEE Mains syllabus very carefully and accordingly you could formulate a proper study plan by allocating sufficient time for studying, revising and practicing each and every topic effectively.

Instead of memorizing the formulas given in your textbooks, you should be focused more on analyzing the basics from each and every chapter. It is better if you understand certain complex topics like optics, modern physics and electrodynamics through visualization. By studying through visualization, you could not only understand the complicated concepts easily but you could also retain the complicated formulas and concepts in your memory for a longer period of time.

Always maintain a proper formula sheet and read it carefully every time before practicing questions from any particular unit. Try to understand all the formulas from their derivations because several times complicated questions in JEE Advanced were solved quickly by using the ideas from the basics taught in the derivations.

Just after learning any concept, it’s better if you apply those concepts in solving few practical problems but never begin with solving tough or complicated questions. Always start with few easy problems and later on you can start solving moderate and tougher questions.

Practice several numbers of questions from important topics like thermodynamics, magnetism, current electricity and more. Certain good books like H.C Verma for Physics volume I & volume II has a very good selection of problems from each and every concept and by solving them you could easily prepare well for the final examination.

While solving questions, you might get stuck several times. However, by learning through visual techniques of solving problems, you could acquire the skills of solving complicated problems in a shorter period of time. As most of the chapters in physics are interlinked, therefore, start from the very beginning and never skip or start reading from random chapters.

Revision is an important task. Prepare a list of all the important formulas in your physics syllabus and revise them on a regular basis. While solving exercises, mark all those questions in which you faced difficulties to solve in the first attempt and while revising, solve only those problems. You don’t need to solve the entire book again and again.

Before solving, read the entire question very carefully and check the units of all the options given in the question. Sometimes by analyzing the boundary conditions, you could easily eliminate some of the options and the correct option could be easily spotted.

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