Wednesday 19 June 2024

What Are the House Additions Preferred By People

Every different house has different needs and the same size of room may not be sufficient for all households. Everybody has their own style of living too and hence their needs shall also be quite different. If you are planning for a small addition in your house then it will cost you lots of money. If you are planning to add another storey to your house then you might have to spend as much as your cost of the existing house.

If you discuss with Murray Lampert’s Additions then they will tell you that people generally go for following types of additions.

Room or house addition

This is a very common addition that people generally go for. Some people opt for adding a room along with attached bathroom. Those who prefer to add entire house then they have to consider living room, dining room and bedrooms along with bathrooms. Sometimes people also prefer to add two rooms with the bathroom.

There is no doubt that construction cost has gone too high these days, but with room addition the value of the property also increases manifold. The process of adding room requires the services of architect, building contractor, plumbing, electricians, HVAC and many others.

Creating additional space in the existing rooms

Many people are also interested to increase the size of their rooms, bathrooms or kitchen room. The total number of rooms remains the same, but the total area layout is modified in such a way that necessary space can be created.  Sometimes in order to create additional space either some wall is broken or roof area is extended to meet the requirements. Architects can suggest various ideas so that you can meet your objective with little expenses.

Creating sun room

These days many people want to have an additional sun room in their house. These rooms can be created with aluminum structure and glass so that it remains either too hot or too cold. In the market readymade aluminum structures are readily available and also thermal resistant glass, which are sufficient to create sun room.

Creating conservatory

Many people want to build conservatory on their rooftop with glass ceiling so that they can grow different kinds of plants at their house. This does not cost too much and many people are creating conservatory in their houses.

Converting garage into living space

Many people think that their garage is unnecessarily occupying lots of space in their house. Therefore many people are either changing it into living place or extending it further to create additional space for living. However, sometimes it is very difficult to match the décor of the garage with rest of the house.

Also, HVAC ducts are also not available in the garage which needs to be rebuilt. However, resale value after converting garage is not very encouraging as a house without garage is very difficult to sell to any new buyer.

Porch addition

Porch addition will always increase the appeal of the house. Generally, such addition is made in the front side of the house. Some people however prefer it in the rear side too.