Friday 19 April 2024

What Are The Types Of Phonics

What Are The Types Of Phonics

Phonics is the basic learning step that enables children to understand, recognize and pronounce alphabet letters. This simply lets them blend two or three letters to form a word with right pronunciation. It is them a most effective way to teach children to read in their early age. There are multiple ways to teach children phonics and get them familiar with each letter and its pronunciation. However, there are some of the phonic types that help them to read the phonics in the more specific way.

When reading phonics are much essential for kids, different types of phonics makes the learning process even easier. Phonic reading also helps in clearing the speech. Many people have stated that learning phonics is equal to speech therapy. However, many parents believe that their children can naturally learn the speech that is true to some extent. In case, you want your child to read, write and speak fluently, then phonic reading is essential.

Here are different types of phonics that can be applied while teaching the kids phonics.

Analytical phonics

Analytical phonics include teaching children about a whole word and its sound. Mainly Children get to notice the first letter of the word. Also, in the whole learning process, they are taught to recognize and pronounce the whole word. It is basically a method that is also called whole-word-recognition method.

Synthetic phonics

In this phonics instructional method, children get to learn about how to convert letters into sounds and then combine the sounds to form a recognizable word. Also, in this learning process, children are instructed not to guess from pictures, initial letters, context or word shapes.

Analogy phonics

In this learning process, children learn to familiarize one word sound with another word sound so that they can understand, recognize and remember the particular sound. This is taught by blending two different words of similar sounds such as ‘Luck’ and ‘Truck’.

Phonics through spelling

Phonics through spelling method basically enables students to learn the segment words and select words from those phonemes. In this learning method, students are instructed to read the words phonetically.

Embedded phonics

This type of learning methods is helpful in teaching children to read the whole text. Also, it is the most comprehensive way to teach children phonics and make them able to read a full text. It has no any systematic pattern to particularly teach one word phonic but a random method where students read the text and get to know the pronunciation of any particular word within time.

To Sum It Up

Learning phonics in early age is remarkably essential to strengthen the basis of academics of children where different types of phonics are methods that make the learning process even easier.